Monday, February 17, 2014

What a Wonderful World...........

I had a new comment on the last post asking why I hadn't posted in February yet....... I have been a little busy feeling life...vacationing in St. Thomas for 10 days (Pat's son lives there) and we had the best time ever seeing sights, snorkeling ALOT, eating ALOT.....just having the time of our life!

I'll back up to my visit with my local oncology dr. He was super excited with my report from MD Anderson and the low CA 19-9 level. AND that I don't need any treatment until the CA-A 19-9 starts creeping up and that will indicate something is going on in my innards. I go back to visit the local oncologist at the end of the month just as a checkup unless something needs seen about before then.

So, back to the trip....We left Indianapolis Airport on February 4 as the snow was coming down so hard you could not see ANYTHING from inside the windows of the airport EXCEPT white! Our flight to Miami was the last flight out for the night as they closed the airport down. We slushed and slid a bit down the runway and I prayed like no other to keep us safe. I mean, what's the chance of me dying on an airplane compared to getting a RARE....very RARE cancer.  My luck just sucks!
They de-iced the plane for 45 minutes with us on board before trucking down the runway....first time I was in tears going down the runway......   I asked myself how I could mentally be so strong when it comes with this cancer when I am such a chicken with flying. Don't get me wrong....I love the idea of getting on a plane that takes two hours to get somewhere which usually takes 16 hours in a car. AND, it's not possible to drive to St. Thomas anyway.

We landed to 85 degree weather and it was paradise from that day until we landed back at Indianapolis and it was snowing hard as we landed. There was more snow on the runway....but...we survived!

While in St. Thomas, we snorkeled every minute we had the chance. We bought our own snorkel gear and it was the most beautiful thing I have seen in a very long time. So peaceful....flippering along with just you and the underwater beauty was unimaginable until you actually see it for yourself. Yellow fish, blue fish, white fish, turtles, little fish and ONE big fish....I kinda thought it was a shark and started heading back to shore like a person running on water...only to find out it was a tarpon fish. But I had the time of my life and every time I would see something I thought was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, it was replaced with another. We really do live in a wonderful world. We even ferried over to St. John's about 5 different days to eat supper or listen to Tom's roommate who is a musician.

For the CC patients out there....I am feeling beyond great. I would snorkel up to an hour at a time (no life vests) and then I'd rest a bit and go back out again. The only medication I take is Lovenox which is a blood thinner but I also take something to help me sleep at night. I know that lurking around the corner could be a bad scan or bad report the next time I go to Houston....but I just have to live each day to the fullest so there are NO regrets. I thanked God so many times while on vacation for giving me good health, great energy, and a normalcy I have not had in a long time. I DO want to make sure everyone out there understand that I DO still have is just taking a vacation or a "nap" right now. When or where it might pop, only one person knows. I do not want to give the impression that I am cancer CA-19-9 is just very low right now. Meaning it is very inactive. I think my last post gave some people the impression I was cancer free. NOT!  It means I get a break from the chemo, radiation, and not nearly as many dr visits.....for hopefully a long time. But I am also kind of risking that it will travel to other parts of my body. We will just keep doing scans every 3 months and when it starts to wake up...we will attack it as we have in the past.

We have such a busy summer planned. Hawaii next month....then our Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society in May. My book is being printed as we speak and I should have them at our "Brunch with the Girls" on this coming Saturday (Feb. 22)!!! We did not send out invitations but you are all welcome to stop by anytime between 9-12. For those of you who may not be aware of it, I have written and painted a children's book. All proceeds will go to our Suntone Beach Survivors Relay  for Life Team (which all proceeds go to The American Cancer Society).  The books are $20 and can be purchased by me or any of my girls. I have the opportunity to have 3 book signings if needed to get them sold. March 12 is our FAMOUS Italian Beef Night from 4-8 with carry outs available.  Then on April 5th from 6-10 am, we will have a breakfast fundraiser at the Olney VFW
with biscuits and gravy, sausage, pancakes, and drinks. I will keep you posted on more events in May as time gets closer.

In closing this post, I want you all to realize what a wonderful world we live in. YES, it would be better if we could find a cure for cancer. And we God's timing...not ours!  I thank God daily and time over time for my health. I thank Him for the prayers and people who Pay It Forward everyday. God is good....ALL the time.

Blessings to each and every one of you!!