Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Its Been Awhile................

Greetings my friends;
It's been awhile since I posted  and ALOT has happened. Most importantly, I am the proudest Ja~Ja of the most beautiful grandson ever. My daughter Amy and her husband Rylan are proud parents.....he weighed in over 8 pounds and 20 inches long. He is a fine young baby!!

Secondly, I sold all 400 of my book, "Irene and the Crooked Little House".   Our Relay For Life was May 3rd and our team raised the most money......that's a pretty impressive goal in my mind. I was also the Inspirational Speaker....and although I stuttered a few times...it was mostly a pretty good speech ending with a standing ovation!  Lots of laughs and clapping along my way thru the speech. It felt good to be up there....It was dead silence and I really felt like people were listening to my every word. I guess you can be the judge and listen to it yourself. Enjoy. 


 We also did a dance performance with three of my daughters in the performance...one singing the song. We might not make it onto America's Got Talent...but who said we wanted to? It was just good fun...isn't THAT all that matters!!


I seem to be puttering along. I feel like I am going 150 mph....and then after about 5-6 days of it, I need a nap. Since I am not on chemo, radiation, no meds besides blood thinner shots twice a day....there is not a lot to write about. I am enjoying time with my grandchildren and family.  I am thankful to be here to celebrate Mother's Day with my own mother this year!!  And also able to celebrate it with my own children.

I am blessed to be stable and enjoying the fresh air....the flowers blooming...the trees shooting out with leaves...riding my bike...and taking walks with my daughters and grandchildren. Life is good...and I am SO SO blessed!!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there......another reason to give thanks to God!!

Feeling Blessed!!