Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It might have been record time to Houston...then back home to Illinois...all in a little over 24 hours. It was just a quick checkup with blood work, eye appointment, EKG, and follow-up with a different dr as Dr. Javle was not in the office. The Schonert's were so gracious to pick me up and take me back to the airport. Deb took  me to my appointments and we even managed to shop a bit after I introduced her to Hungrys (one of my most favorite places in Houston to eat lunch).I ran into one of my all time favorite nurses that work with Dr. Javle, Ron. Ron is like a best friend...or big brother, always greeting me with a hug and "How Ya Doing" conversation.  Ron knows me soon as he sees me, he knows if I am "on cue" or if things are off in my life of cancer. He's a keeper and I hope MD Anderson keeps him right where he is!! I also met up with a new CC family (The Lufkin's) and they were just a super family.  I have also talked several times with Mrs. Lufkin's twin sister and she is a gem!!  Welcome to the CC world....I hope you are blessed with good results and do not stay long with us...that you are cured from this disease and live a long and prosperous life!!
     My day started with blood work and the results were pretty amazing! Everything is looking good except the Creatinine which they say is from previous treatments of Cisplatin (that is their assumption). The clinical trial nurse is not concerned with the number right now. She says I should not consume my time worrying about it just yet. It's not in the worry range!!  My CA 19-9 was at its ALL TIME LOW AT 4.    F.O.U.R.!!!!    This means the cancer is barely active at this time. I did not expect it to even be tested this month but the number made my heart smile. I am praying that this clinical trial keeps on working and soon my cancer marker hits zero. Is that possible.....It's a "wait and see" game that only time will tell.  Does this mean my cancer is all wiped away.....probably not. It would just be in hibernation and I am ok with that. Let's just pray my other organs can withstand the trial drug for a very long time!!  Before I left for the airport, I met Connor Schonert who is doing an internship at MD Anderson in the Research department. He is an Olney native and I knew his mother since I was about 3. We went to Claremont Grade School from K-6 grade. Our grandmothers were best friends. Kathy passed away from cancer but she was a very good person. She would be so very proud of Connor and the great job his parents are doing in raising him into a very responsible young adult. Only one slip up that I know of....knowing the difference of central and eastern time when you have a meeting with a very important person!! ;-) It's an inside joke with Conner!
    I am feeling really good....and was in the MS Join the Movement 5K WALK (I did jog a little...barely) but I finished in good time and then was pooped until evening when we went to the auction for this event.  Thank you Karen Zuber for thinking my painting was worth bidding on!
     Yip, I am going to tell it to you if you've not already heard (although I am SO excited and feel like I have told everyone!).  Pat and I leave a week from today for Chicago to fly to Canada and on to Venice, Italy. We will be tourists there for a few days before boarding the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship to cruise the Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Greece for 7 nights/8 days. We will tour 6 days/stop at ports to see the beautiful sights of Athens, Montenegro, and a few other places. Then we will unload at Venice only to spend a few more days relaxing with good food and beautiful views. It's like a trip of a lifetime and my dr says to totally do it...that my health is great enough to go!! Dr. Javle and his nurses think that they should "go along" to make sure my health needs are all met. I think it's a fine idea if they want to pay their way! ;-).
     I will close this post paying special tribute to those who have battled cancer and lost their battle. It makes me sick to my stomach every times someone passes. I know it's part of life....but it doesn't make it any easier especially if I have had the privilege of meeting them and becoming friends.
And to the people out there still fighting....keep fighting day by day....minute by minute. AND, to the ones who have beaten this monster called cancer-CONGRATULATIONS!

May God Bless you, May God guide you, and May God keep us all in the palm of His hands!

Grateful and blessed~~
Patty Corcoran