Saturday, September 14, 2013

Let's talk about cancer............

As I sat in Mass tonight, and looked at Father Jerry for the first time since hearing the news he has lung cancer, I tried to fight back the tears that came flowing anyway. I wiped...I sniffed....
all the while keeping Pat from even noticing. Why...why was I crying? I have thought about it during mass, after mass, and as I sit here writing this. I think it all goes back to cancer and just how mean it can and has been at times to me. Cancer just picks anyone and can really turn your life upside down. There are doctor visits, radiologist, oncologists, lab tests, biopsies, for me-66 shots per month, scans, X-rays, and "the look" in waiting rooms.

I mean, we are talking about Father Jerry. He isn't suppose to get sick. He is holier than a piece of swiss cheese (I think Pat is rubbing off on me with this his humor). We (at St Joseph Church) NEED him, I need him.....sometimes getting to Mass each week is what keeps me going and knowing he is there for our people. The kids adore him at the school and the church.

Running through my head is all the what if's for Father Jerry. I think I have worried more about him with cancer than I have myself with cancer. I believe God is with me...right beside me....BUT I also tell myself God will guide Father Jerry on this journey. I guess there is just one message that needs to come out of this post....PRAY. PRAY. PRAY.  For not only the sick, but the homeless, the poor, the military, the doctors who take care of sick people. PRAY. I know prayer works and I know a lot of people need prayers right now.

But especially for our priest in Olney, Il........

Hugs and prayers,

Monday, September 9, 2013

Life is never predictable.......

It seems as though life has been so unpredictable lately....and not really for me but for a close friend diagnosed with lung cancer....and the death of a friend suddenly. I have lost sleep worrying about our friend and priest, Fr. Jerry. I know how mean cancer can be and I just don't think it is right for him to even have that word in his own personal vocabulary. Please pray for strength, good reports, and healing for our padre.

I am still chugging along. October can't come soon enough as this is when I return to Houston.
Although I didn't feel good the last time I received chemo, my platelets were great and my white count was within the normal range....this surprised me as I called my Dr (on a holiday) and asked for an antibiotic due to a terrible sore throat and sinus pressure. It did the trick and I am much better. I just have to realize I do get the bugs/viruses so easily I need to watch more closely who I am around. PLUS, with Jennifer and Bart so close to delivery, I don't want to be banned from the house due to a sickness.

For the new baby Zuber, I painted the story of Peter Rabbit (10 pictures) and Jenn is going to frame them on the wall in the baby's room. I also had a local printing business scan them and I am making books for the family.  I have had several people that I have shown them to, want to buy a book when they are printed and make a donation to our Relay For Life team. Since they are Peter Rabbit, we don't think we can sell them so will just keep them very close within our family.

This has given me the idea though, of making a book. I have 12 pages to the book and I just need to do the illustrations. I will meet with Jenn tomorrow for her to make suggestions on the story. I have already received input from Pat and after a few more people approve my story....I will start drawing the pages. I have the front cover sketched already.....oh, I can't wait to get started. I will tell you the name of the book is "The Little Crooked House". It involves a (little girl) field mouse who lives with her parents in their little crooked house. All proceeds will go to our Relay for Life team and it might be REALLY ambitious of me to say this, but I hope they are ready for Christmas. I will probably only order 100 to start with just to see the response but I will post a picture when I get the cover done to give you an idea of what to expect. WILL want this book!!  :-)

There are some things I know for matter how bad things seem to get for some people....God is always there. He is in us, through us, and we are blessed with His love that is forever. Through God's Grace and Unshakable Faith....sometimes I have to remind myself....instead of saying WHY.....say to yourself...WHY NOT??  It's hard when the cancer word is your diagnosis...or you have a child with an illness you want to "fix" but have no control over the situation. Or you get a call or knock at the door with the worst news of your life. Life happens to all of us.....I know one day...I could get a bad report from Houston. And when I do, I will take it in stride, and give thanks to God for every day that I am here with my family and friends. Each day....just like my many friends...are a blessing. I give thanks every night for each and every one of you.

May God's peace be with you!