Saturday, September 14, 2013

Let's talk about cancer............

As I sat in Mass tonight, and looked at Father Jerry for the first time since hearing the news he has lung cancer, I tried to fight back the tears that came flowing anyway. I wiped...I sniffed....
all the while keeping Pat from even noticing. Why...why was I crying? I have thought about it during mass, after mass, and as I sit here writing this. I think it all goes back to cancer and just how mean it can and has been at times to me. Cancer just picks anyone and can really turn your life upside down. There are doctor visits, radiologist, oncologists, lab tests, biopsies, for me-66 shots per month, scans, X-rays, and "the look" in waiting rooms.

I mean, we are talking about Father Jerry. He isn't suppose to get sick. He is holier than a piece of swiss cheese (I think Pat is rubbing off on me with this his humor). We (at St Joseph Church) NEED him, I need him.....sometimes getting to Mass each week is what keeps me going and knowing he is there for our people. The kids adore him at the school and the church.

Running through my head is all the what if's for Father Jerry. I think I have worried more about him with cancer than I have myself with cancer. I believe God is with me...right beside me....BUT I also tell myself God will guide Father Jerry on this journey. I guess there is just one message that needs to come out of this post....PRAY. PRAY. PRAY.  For not only the sick, but the homeless, the poor, the military, the doctors who take care of sick people. PRAY. I know prayer works and I know a lot of people need prayers right now.

But especially for our priest in Olney, Il........

Hugs and prayers,


  1. I think many of us are walking around in a bit of a shock over Father Jerry have lung cancer. We also know that all we can do is to pray.

  2. I often read your blog, as I am amazed at your Super Woman strength to carry on with the Cancer monster - BUT more importantly your Faith.
    Today is October 22, as Father Jerry left us nearly one month ago. I agree with every word of your post. I really miss Father Jerry :( I miss my friend, our priest, our faithful community man, my kids best friend at school, my hero.
    I know he is dancing with Angels today, but I feel selfish for how much I need him in my life. St. Joe is very fortunate to have experienced the life of Jerry. I know if he is helping God with all of our prayers from St. Joe, he is your biggest cheerleader Patty. I pray for you, neighbor and all of us who miss our dear, Father Jerry. Jodi Schneider