Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Still Marching!

I just started Cycle 6 on the TAS 120 trial for intra hepatic cholangiocarcinoma. I was in Houston one week ago for bloodwork and a dr visit to see how things are looking. My bloodwork was acceptable so on we go for another two cycles (six weeks) before a scan just before Valentine's Day. I will keep you posted on my results but until then....I am living life like a normal person without cancer....mostly. The only real side effects from the trial drug are occasional "run as fast as you can" to the can incidences...and the fingertips are pretty sensitive and somewhat splitting open from being dry. I wear thin cotton gloves to bed after slathering on Aquaphor but they still dry out throughout the day. BUT, they are manageable for the most part.

The rest of January and February are packed full of events for the Corcoran household! This Saturday, we will be attending Andrea's Night in Evansville, Indiana. It is a fundraiser for college scholarships and also a portion is donated to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. Andrea Fuquay passed away around 8 years ago from cholangiocarcinoma but her husband is still dedicated to helping fund research for a cure!! Three of my daughters and their spouses, Pat and I, his sister Lisa and her husband John, plus a CC patient on the same trial as me and her husband will all sit at our table. This event is such a fun evening so I am truly looking forward to it. We will also entertain Kathi Wagner representing The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation who will also be sitting at our table!!

Then, I will travel to Georgia, Mississippi, Houston, Chicago, and then on to Salt Lake City for the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Conference. It is a 3 day conference for patients, doctors, researchers, caregivers, and drug companies. It will be the 3rd year that Pat and I have attended and it is always a great educational experience...and like a big group patient family reunion. The conference is such a great opportunity to meet the top doctors and researchers...to meet with people who have traveled this road in one form or another. This conference brings hope to patients as we hear the most up to date information from individuals from all over the world. I would urge anyone affected by CC as a patient or caregiver to try and attend at the end of January. I will also attend some meetings while in Salt Lake City with a couple of drug companies as a patient with my experience on clinical trials. I am honored to represent the Foundation by sharing my knowledge as a patient on my 4th clinical trial.

Cancer has no borders.....no matter your religious belief, your education, your bank statement, your profession.....cancer does not care!  Remember that as you meddle through your day to day life. Appreciate the little things....the big things....do not put off telling some one you love them. All you have is today....live it!

After the Conference, Pat and I will go to Las Vegas to visit his son, Tom, for about 5 days. After returning home, it is back to Houston for a scan. Then, we will be on the beaches of Antigua at a Sandal's Resort for a week. This will wrap up and I am hoping March will a bit more calm for our household. I love the "get up and go" lifestyle but this is a bit too much for me!!

I am back to painting more and more. I just finished a cow for a CC patient and plan to get it in the mail to her soon. Next is a painting for the St. Joe Art Auction coming up very soon!  Speaking of painting.....I received the most thoughtful gift from an Indiana artist....and signed print from him. I won't mention names but he is VERY well known for his artwork. I am a fan and so touched by his gift!!

We are also cleaning at the Corcoran household. The 3 spare bedrooms that still had a lot of "left behind articles" from 5 girls that have lived in this household, has been removed or thrown away. Some stuff was donated to Goodwill in Vincennes....and some was burned. It sure looks better and after some new paint and having the carpets cleaned, will be ready for some serious grandkid sleepovers!

My daughters and their families are all really busy now in one way or another. Amy/Rylan moved into their new home over Christmas break. Samantha/Chris are busy getting the nursery ready for baby #2. Jenn/Bart just remodeled Zuber Law offices and it is an amazing and welcoming change! Leslie/Rhett hosted Christmas Day at their home in Lawrenceville, IL after adding on an extra family room along with a master suite!  Everyone is busy with all kinds of good things happening! My step daughter, Kate is getting ready to move to San Juan with her boyfriend, so we are enjoying her company before she makes the move!

Slow down and truly enjoy the little things in life. Thank God for every minute even when life gives you lemons. He is right beside you....ALWAYS!

God Bless!