Saturday, April 16, 2016

Moments that count the most...

Well, my car has been repaired from the now deceased deer that hit our car on the way home from Houston. Rental cars are a lifesaver but man was I glad to get my Buick Lacrosse back! Drives like a dream....atleast to me.
Life is moving so fast...or so it seems. Between taking family to dr appointments, picking up grandkids from school, having playdates with grandchildren, selling my children's book, selling luminaria's for our Relay for Life, getting the 5K/1 mile walk lined up with volunteers, not to mention helping get all the supplies for our own team on the day of the Relay. It just seems like I want time to S.L.O.W.   D.O.W.N.!

By the way we have just about 100 Irene books if we have not got one to you and you want one, I would suggest making contact with one of us.  We have books that have been shipped to Canada, Washington, Hawaii, Iowa, Arkansas, Texas, New York, Tennessee, and maybe some places I am forgetting. about 3 weeks, we have sold 300 books. Whew! 

I saw my local oncologist this week. Just a checkup since I hadn't saw him for approximately 6 months. Radiation plays havoc on a few of the labs but they are slowly going in the right direction. When I left MD Anderson, my CA 19-9 (cancer marker) was 11.1,  the bloodwork I had drawn last week  shows my CA 19-9 at 4. Dr. Dy thinks that is a pretty good indicator that the radiation is working. He is so happy with the stability of my disease. I told him there were so few left that started the journey when I did. I told him I could only think of one in Pennsylvania.  He said 99% do not live as long as I with just chemo/radiation/and clinical trials. I am in the 1 percentile with my type of cancer meaning my cholangiocarcinoma is the slowest growing he has ever seen in a patient with this cancer.  So does that make me lucky? Mmm...I'm not sure what you would call it but I thank God that I am still here making memories with friends, family and inspiring others to never give up!

Pat and I have been cleaning the flower beds one by one. WHY did I think I needed them all over our yard?  I worked three hours outside this morning and it was pretty hard physical labor.....then I was done for the day!  I showered and rested. The effects of radiation is just taking it's time leaving my body and it kinda stinks!  Little by little....time here and there...the flower beds will be cleaned.

So, this is my life. I am living it as best that I can. I am so very blessed. I hope to get a GREAT report in Houston May 9 & 10th. I pray for a break from any treatments. The longer I can stall, the better chance of a treatment for my mutations to come along. So, I will not be in a hurry to jump into immunotherapy or any other trial until it is a do or die situation. Each day I can feel my body returning to normal. I am getting ready to dust off my bike if only time would slow down a bit!

May you all have a wonderful day....and be thankful for your minutes in your life. They are so very, very precious....don't let them pass you by without stopping to give thanks. You never know when a curveball is going to be thrown into YOUR life.

God Bless~~
Patty Corcoran