Saturday, January 17, 2015

Live Like you Were Dying......EVERYDAY!!

I had my dr visit this past Tuesday to see how my liver enzymes were doing. Two of the numbers (The AST and ALT) were almost back to normal within a few numbers. The alk phos is still high but of less concern per Dr. Dy.  I asked him if it was ok to leave Thursday morning for St. Thomas for two weeks and he said "Go, Get out of here! Have fun....and WHY wasn't I invited!!"  I can sit and worry about my bloodwork....or I can go to St. Thomas and worry about shark bites....and I DO! ;-)

It's a long flight from Indy to St. Thomas but it was well worth the wait!  The evening off the plane consisted of eating at an outside bar with music playing nicely and about 72 degree winds breezing through your worries!

Day 2 consisted of Pat fixing breakfast and off the do a little snorkeling and beach watching. Tom knows all the little beaches without a lot of when we only have a few hours to "play" we go to these. Tom worked last night so Pat and I drove into the city and ate at one of our favorite places from last year called XO BISTRO. It is soooo fine! We drove Tom's manual Jeep and Pat only drove down the wrong side of the road once.....EEEEEEEEEEK!  But, we made it back to the house and I slept like  a  baby. 

Today, for my 50th birthday, we are having breakfast at The Ritz!  How many people can say they do that on their birthday!!  Then we will stay on the beach at The Ritz Carlton and swim, snorkel, and live like I was dying.....literally!!'s just a number...but when your fighting terminal's HUGE. Each day....whether it's your birthday or not, should be lived to it's fullest. Most days, I do a good job of that!!

We will be in St. Thomas until next Wednesday or Thursday, then we will take a sea plane to St. Croix and spend a week at a resort there. I am looking forward to the sea plane ride! I am looking forward to more days with my feet in the sand, more days of feeling that soft evening breeze hit my face, and to just be an islander.....if only for a short time.

When we return from this "bliss", we will be home a little over a week before we fly to Texas and get a checkup. I can't worry about the unknown as it does NO good. And how can I worry about what's going on inside my body when everything here is so perfect (except the prices for stuff!!).  It is what it is.....CANCER....and it will do what it damn well pleases......  So, I pray all day, every day, for all cancer patients. There's only one person on this earth that can tell me or decide when I will leave this earth. ONE.  And HE is the only person I am listening to and following~

So, for now, enjoy your day. I will enjoy mine!!  Happy Day!!