Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Where Have I Been?

It has been right at 30 days or so since my last post....and so much has happened. I had four rounds of chemo and I knew my stomach was looking a little larger. I was worried about fluid buildup (ascites) so I asked Dr. Dy in Effingham if we could do a CT scan. I also gained 6 pounds which is another sign of fluid. BUT....the scan came back that I had no ascites. (That's the good news.......).
The bad news is MD Anderson had been watching some nodules in the lining of my stomach. You have the outside of your stomach...then fluid...then a saran wrap type of lining that hold the fluid that keeps the fluid intact. Those pesky nodules had grown in the two months on my chemo. Everything else is stable but we need to stomp on these nodules.
Before we do anything, I already had appointments in two weeks for a scan, bloodwork, a biopsy of the nodules on the stomach lining, and a visit with the great Dr. Javle.  We want to know if there are new genetic mutations that we might have more treatment options for. Those biopsies are no picnic with a large gauge needle piecing your skin and getting to the nodule. THEN, comes the chomping of a staple gun sound as it bites a piece of the nodule. Last time, I heard it chomp three times as I opened my eyes wide open after each chomp! BUT. if it helps....I'm in...if we don't find any useful information, atleast we know we have left no stone unturned.
After the biopsy, I will return home and start a different chemo regimin until the biopsy results come back. I believe I will be on Gemcitabine and Abraxane (chemo drugs) and they are supposedly no picnic. So, we shall see. 

This news isn't the best news but it is not the worst. We have known for quite some time that I am just darned hard headed and am not giving up. We will treat this cancer as things pop up and pray for the best!

In February, it will be 6 years of fighting this devil called intra-hepatic cholangiocarcinoma. I have been so blessed with WAAAAAY more good days...months...years than bad ones. No doctor has ever promised me a long life....but Dr. Javle has promised to use every tool in the tool box until we are out of options. He has given me hope when other doctors could not.

So, as I close tonight, know that I am calm.I cannot worry what is going to happen next.....I have to live while I can. I cannot think about the nodes that could be growing in my stomach lining until I get on a chemo regimin. No....God is with me every step of every day! No matter what happens to this fat lady.....I HAVE LIVED!!

May Christ be in your Christmas!

I promise to blog after returning from Houston in a couple weeks!

Love & hugs,