Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Onward Marching Soldier!

It was a fly in spend the night and back to the airport type of visit to Houston. We stayed at the Holiday Inn on Kirby and the Texan Football team was there. They came in late the night before. I wanted a picture so stinking bad with a sign about "Tackling Cholangiocarcinoma" or something like that. We were in the elevator with one and man....H.E. W.A.S. B.I.G!    Moh picked us up and we figured the cost compared to SuperShuttle and you only save $2!!  So, you can ride in a van with a bunch of people or in a Lincoln MKX and get served bottled water on the trip to the hotel!!  Moh is the BEST and he picked us up the very first trip to MD Anderson 5 1/2 years ago!

My bloodwork looks pretty good. All in normal limits except the Alk Phoshatase BUT the other two enzymes are in the 30's which is perfect so Dr. Meric is not too concerned for now. My platelets are at 114,000 so they are a little low but nothing to lose sleep over. Normal limits start at 140,000 at MD Anderson. I have found each lab/hospital is a little different but pretty close in comparison.

So, we are on to month 4 of the Match trial. So far, every person on this trial is still on it....for whatever type of cancer they are being treated for. Dr. Meric already has some options up her sleeve if something goes awry with this trial.  I told her "Don't let me die, Dr. Meric" and she just put her hand on my arm and nodded......I know she cannot promise me life.  I am ok with that....just fight for me to the best of her ability. Isn't that all we can ask....the rest is in God's hands. AND....I am ok with that, too.  I am at peace. That is the "win"....the "score" ....the prayer we all want answered in life.

May PEACE be with each and every one of you!!  And to ALL cancer fighters, patients, and ones who have passed......May The Force Be With You!

Patty Corcoran