Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The day before......

Well....I report Thursday (April 7) morning at 8 am for my first round of chemo. I also start my lovely Tarceva pill tomorrow. My dr. visit went very well today in Effingham and I got a tour of the place. Anxious to get this show on the road.  After chemo tomorrow, I should have 2 days of still feeling ok and then flu-like symptoms for about 48 hours. HOPEFULLY, that is all I will have for now. Will start seeing the rash from the Tarceva in about 1-2 weeks. Good thing about getting it is it means the Tarceva is working...if no is not working and probably won't stay on it after a couple of months. So....pray for the rash!! A few other mild symptoms could happen but are hopefully managable with Immodium AD.  Hope to be back at work on Friday!! Keep me in your prayers!!  God Bless!!

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