Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hello ~
Saturday was a busy day with shopping with Sarah and Sheila, then we cleaned out my moms landscaping for about 3 hours. I was a little tired after all of that! Samantha and Bobbie Jo ordered Joe's Pizza for supper. Feeling great so far!
Sunday, I also feel good. Did the laundry, cleaned up the house, made the bed, opened up all the doors to "get the stink out".  As I was combing my hair after showering, my scalp was a little tender so I looked and I have a rash all over my head. Too early for the Tarceva to bring out a rash (or atleast I think so)so could just be the chemo boiling my brain ;-)  The Tarceva pill should bring out the worst rash you can imagine in about 4-5 weeks and I will have it until  I go off the pill. The good thing is, if you get the rash, the medicine is reaching the targeted spot of cancer and working the way it is suppose to! The drs can give me creams to calm the rash down but I have never looked so forward to looking like a teenage zit head in all my life!! I didn't have acne as a teenager but I pray I have it now. Pat says he thinks  I over did it yesterday and to rest a little more today BUT if I get all my housework done by noon and it is not raining, I am OUT of here for a walk....might go to Red Hill State Park. I pray I will continue to feel good in the days and months ahead as I feel right now!!  HUGS!     Patty

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