Sunday, June 26, 2011

Starting over....

After returning from Houston, I have started walking again (encouraged by the dr to keep it up) so Amy and I walked two days (2 miles each day), and Pat and I walked two miles this morning. I am cleared for chemo this Wednesday so I am not sure how long I can keep walking two miles, but I'm going to try.
I will also return to work tomorrow (YEAH!) but then miss Tuesday and Wednesday. My hair is thinning and although I tease it alot so people don't notice how thin it is, the docs advised I go ahead and get a wig just in case I start to lose it after starting back on chemo. My last treatment was about 6 weeks ago. So Tuesday, I will head to Evansville and get one ordered......just in case.
I plan to work Thursday and Friday of this week also. Just gotta play it by life is day by day....not week by week anymore.
I want to list a few things I am thankful for in the past three/six weeks :
First of all, God...without Him, I would be SO lost through this journey.
My husband and family....who trecked to Springfield for my surgeries. This includes my mom and sisters,too. Not to mention Jennifer who met Pat and I at MD Anderson in Houston.
I am thankful for one of the best places a person could work and the employees are right there calling, sending cards, bringing food, emailing, praying, and being like a part of my family also.
I am SO thankful for all the prayers...some from people I don't even know. I know in my heart that the good report from MD Anderson, the good doctors I had at Springfield (who made me 100% better and ready for treatment again) were all due to the power of prayer. God has continually been right beside me just as he promised on that very first consultation at Mayo Clinic. I will continually thank Him and praise Him!
I am thankful for each day I can get up, make it through the day with no pain (which is a good sign my tumor is shrinking), and even though I might be dead tired, I am still alive. I thank God each day I can wake up, talk to my husband, see my daughters/grandchild. I used to take such simple things for granted. Now I thank God each day I get to enjoy on this earth!

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