Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting Released...??

Occupational therapy and physical therapy stopped in Mom's room this morning. Upon seeing that she could walk, tie her shoes, put on her pants, stack coins, etc., they both released her. Her attending physician was also here this morning and released her.

Dr. McGregor was here this afternoon and ordered a MRI for tomorrow. Pending good results, she will also release Mom this week (no promises on a specific day). Assuming the clot hasn't changed or moved, she may release Mom tomorrow night or Wednesday.

Obviously, fantastic news! She is up and around, getting sassy, smiling a lot, and ready to go home! :)  All of this is made even better by the fact that Amy will be having her baby girl late this week.

Pray that the clot is continues to be stable, that Mom is released in the next few days, and for a continued speedy recovery. Thank you so much for all your prayers; they are working!!

Written/Posted by Jenn

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