Monday, October 17, 2011


After we returned from Houston, Mom had a busy weekend at Berryville Vineyard's Harvestfest. The Claremont Rec Center made food on Saturday and Sunday for the more than 2000 people in attendance. Mom spent Saturday soaking up a little sun and visiting with friends.

Wednesday, she went to Effingham for her chemo appointment. Her platelets had fallen below 60,000, so no chemo. She did get cleared to begin taking Tarceva again, as it doesn't interfere with her blood.

Thursday, Mom had another MRI and an appointment with Dr. McGregor in Springfield. The MRI looked great. The fluid in Mom's brain is nearly gone, and the clot is being reabsorbed. Dr. McGregor was very happy, but will see Mom again in a month or so.

Mom started the last dosage drop of Dexamethasone today. She will take one pill, four times daily until Sunday. We're hoping that her severe dizziness, sugar checks, insulin shots and facial swelling will ALL go away after the steriods are stopped. She is still very weak, but has started eating more red meat, which seems to be helping.

She is having her blood checked every few days to monitor her platelets, and she will return to Effingham on Wednesday to see Dr. Dy. It seems unlikely that Mom will start chemo this week, but she's hoping that by next week, her platelets will be stable and she will be stronger.

If no results are noticed after the steroids are stopped, then Mom will see Dr. Houston to assess what may be causing all these seemingly minor issues. Dr. Houston has been fantastic, and Mom is fortunate to have him in her corner.

Please pray for Mom's renewed strength. I know she looks forward to feeling 'like herself' again soon.

Written/Posted by Jenn

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