Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Houston, Texas....

I had my PET scan this a.m. and all went fine. I will know the results in the morning at my appointment with Dr. Javle and his Physician's Assistant, Jackie. I look for good results or, at least, no big is more an issue with my blood clotting/not clotting which resulted in the brain bleed (which sent me to Springfield in the first place). MD Anderson doesn't really care about the brain bleed....they just want the chemo/cancer regime to get started again so we can move on with this battle of cholangiocarcinoma. I AM  totally on board with that, but I also know my blood is a separate issue. But, my physician in Olney is on board to keep a closer eye on me to catch an issue before it becomes a BIG issue, so that makes me feel better!! I will keep you all posted no matter the results tomorrow...good or bad~

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