Saturday, October 22, 2011

Up & Walking!

Dr. Mishkal and Dr. Shayuk were in yesterday and today. Mom's platelets fell to 74,000 today. Her sugar is getting SO much better. No insulin was needed this morning!

Dr. Goswami ordered an antibody test to see if Mom had heparin induced thromocytopenia. In an effort to not sound extremely nerdy, I will just say that Mom doesn't have the antibody so it can be assumed that her low platelets and brain bleed were not directly attributed to the Lovenox shots. Dr. Mishkal discontinued the Bivalirudin about 30 minutes ago. Starting today, Mom will take low-dose Lovenox shots, twice a day.

It is likely that the swelling in her face is Cushing's Syndrome, which is caused by steroids. She has the characteristic 'moon-face' and a 'buffalo hump' on the back of her neck. All of this should subside in three to four weeks, since Mom's last Dexamethazone pills are tomorrow.

Bill and Deb Weiler drove up to see Mom yesterday. Mimi and Sarah drove up this morning, and Amy and Rylan will be here this afternoon. Though sometimtes tiring, the company of people definitely provides a break from the monotony of the hospital.

Mom's spirits and mood, in general, are much improved, even in the last 24 hours. She's still quite weak, but she and I walked around the neuro/cardiac wing twice this morning (about a quarter mile). All is going well. We are looking forward to Monday when Dr. Goswami gets back.

Written/Posted by Jenn.

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