Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Visit with Goswami

Mom had an appointment today at 12:15 with Dr. Goswami in Effingham for a checkup. Mom developed a rash on about Friday and she started running a slight temperature on Wednesday. She took some Tylenol, which reduced her temperature some. She also has had tachycardia (fast heart beat).

Dr. Goswami said he is unsure why she had a rash on her upper legs and running a temperature, so he ordered for blood work to check her white blood cell count. Blood work came back fine, and her platelets are now at 115,000. He said that a fever can cause tachycardia. Dr. Goswami told her to drink plenty of water, and monitor her pulse and temperature over the weekend, and then call him on Monday to let him know what her temperature and pulse rate is at that point.

Mom asked Dr. Goswami why she was still so weak, and he said maybe it was because she just came off of the steroids, which is good news.

Mom's been out walking and having coffee on the porch all week, feeling much better. Keep the prayers coming!

Written/posted by Samantha

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