Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting things in order....

Saturday morning I will begin my journey to Houston for 5 1/2 weeks. It is hard to try to gather everything you use daily plus things you might need in the weeks ahead. All the special creams, special socks for night time so I can lather up my feet with lotion to keep them from cracking and special gloves for my hands to lather them up also. Making sure all bills are paid up for 6 weeks, scripts filled at the pharmacy, some food so we don't have to buy like spices, trash bags, etc when we get there.
Then there is making sure I see close family and friends.....EXTRA HUGS for grandchildren, etc.
Since I work everyday until 4, it makes the day not quite as long when I get home. Pat had a planned vacation to see his son in the US Virgin Islands before we knew I was going to have treatments in Houston so it is pretty quiet in the evenings. Kate (Pat's daughter) still lives with us but she seems to always be gone when I get home. She will atleast be there to feed the animals, answer phone calls, etc.
My mom is going to stay with me for atleast a week if not a little longer. Samantha will fly home on Tuesday as she has to return to work. Houston is no fun to travel by car in so we will shuttle alot or call our airport driver who has volunteered to help us with getting us anywhere we want to go (atleast until Pat gets there about the 27th).
As the time ticks closer to April 23 (the start date of chemo pills and IMRT-radiation), I get a little more excited to get it started. The more time I sit idle...the more time this tumor has to spread. I have scripts from MD Anderson for nausea, diarrhea, chemo pills, and a few more that I will pick up today.
I thank God there are still options to slow the growth of my tumor. The best thing would be to shrink it so much that they could take it out.....I will need God's grace and help to make this one disappear.....if anything, it will shrink and buy me time and I am happy with that. Please pray that I have few side effects and lots of shrinkage. I also have those two lymph nodes close to the liver that have snuck in some cancer cells so we hope to zap them for being such bad little nodes! Some people thank God for each day....I praise and thank Him for each hour, each minute, each second, each breath that I still take on this earth in the good physical shape I am in. I thank and praise God for the friends and family who have stepped up to send cards, a phone call, a prayer group who all sign a card to let me know they are thinking and praying for me, for the monetary gifts to help with expenses once we get to Houston.
They all mean so much to me and I am going to give my address so anyone who wants to drop a line can while we are down there. It is Fannin Street Station, 8181 Fannin Street, Apt. 1712, Houston, Tx 77054. I don't think you will have to put in care of Patty Corcoran but it might not hurt.
I short story before I close: I donated some vacation hours about a month ago for an older lady in our Agency who was off sick and had run out of time. I just donated two days worth of pay due to using mine up pretty rapidly myself. My boss called and said...why are you donating time.....don't you think you will need it? I calmly quoted to her.....Give unto others as you would have others give unto you. She hesitantly said ok but I truly believe God will take care of me. I have an army of people praying for me and that is the best gift of all. So all you prayer warriors keep it up and I will see you all in about 6 weeks if all goes good with the treatments.

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