Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A couple of things.....

I had to take my car to Eagleson's yesterday as this past winter when we had ice, it totally encased my car and I could NOT get the car door to open. I rapidly became "peeved" and pulled the door handle so hard.....to show it who was boss...I pulled so hard I pulled it OUT of the door of the car. Talk about an "OH SH---T" moment and I tried to jam it back into the door like I was a first grader and was gonna get a whippin' when Pat found out (It was still attached by wires or something so when it came out, it just hung there).  I got it to stay in and we have just very gently opened that door with ease each time. When in Houston for radiation, the valet parking man opened the door and did an "OH SH----T"....(because the door handle fell out of the door)!!!  I thought Pat and I were gonna belly laugh on the ground at their reaction......   I was in a hurry the day that it all happened and I think God was trying to slow me down....  So, anyone who wants to try this trick...it'll cost you somewhere around $135 to get it fixed which included the labor. That is my "funny"for the day"

I went for blood testing today at RMH and the numbers are slowly crawling in the right direction. My platelets were at 97,000 (2 weeks ago) and they are now 102,000. YEAH! My white blood count is low at 3.6. Probably the reason for the 4 cold sores on my bottom lip.

My oncologist is on vacation this week so no chance to get started on chemo. Then, I am on vacation to the Outer Banks the next week so it will be July 30 before I have my first treatment. This one kinda worries me. I have studied it extensively and ALOT of people have diarrhea and dehydration so bad they are admitted to the hospital. BUT, I was suppose to have bad side effects before and have mainly just had tiredness....so I will let God lead the way and I will follow him on this new chemo journey. My new drug is Irinotecan. As Jenn said in the last post, they wanted to insert a pump that would release chemo over 2 days but our FAVORITE DR in Springfield said No to all that. Kinda sad about that because two drugs work better together.  I will go to Effingham every other week for the IV drug and for bloodwork/see the oncologist.  My platelets that have struggled to climb are also at risk for nose diving so it will be even more important to keep a close eye on that. They will just give me platelets if it goes too low.

The six weeks I was in Texas for radiation I just prayed for stability or shrinkage. I got stability and I am so grateful for it.

A few weeks ago, Father Jerry talked about thorns, and how everyone had a thorn somewhere to deal with. Whether it be a person, a job problem, an illness, a bad marriage....everyone has a thorn. I guess I could look at this cancer as a thorn but He has been beside me from the very beginning and I feel safe. I have faith that no matter what happens here on earth or in another place of peace, I will be with God and I have an inner peace about that. It makes me not afraid of anything they do to me....I pray nightly that God guides the doctors to let me be on this earth as long as he sees fit....that's all I can ask for.

I went back to work last week full time. It was a little bit of a challenge but I did it. I will also work full time this week then on to the vacation.
Starting August 1, I have decided to go to work part time. I have started back to walking some. Pat and I walked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but I overslept the last two days. We walked just over a mile on day one. Day two, I decided to shuffle/slow jog, and day 3 we walked about a mile and a half at a good pace. I am going to bed by 7 tonight so I get up early enough to get a walk in !! 

Everyone have a good rest of the week and may God bless you with good health as us who do not have good health, know what it is like to struggle through when the journey gets bumpy!!



  1. This is good to know, Patty. About the stablility. And as always, though I should be bringing you good thoughts and peace, you have again brought this to me. Thank you, Karen

  2. It was so great to see you on Sunday at the Picnic, Patty! I'm so happy for your continued positive news. Stability is good, and I'm praying for shrinkage. Have a lovely time on your vacation with your wonderful family. :)

  3. so glad to read your recent post because you are in my daily thoughts and prayers. again thank you for your encouraging cards and I know how work is so important to us no matter how many hours we can get in because it gives us a sense of normal routine. I had to chuckle because I go to bed around 8 with the sleep timer!!!