Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Busy but exciting week so far!!

I received chemo at just 60% dosage since my white cells are having a hard time climbing. I had them checked last week at RMH and they were 1.8.  Monday at Crossroads, they were 2.0. Still pretty close to being dangerously low. So...I had to go back Tuesday for a shot to rebuild my white cells quicker and hopefully be able to get chemo in two weeks. I was suppose to UP the dosage 10% each week until I was at 100%. I started at 60% and have not moved up any in my dose that Dr. Javle ordered. My blood just doesn't like it! Could likely be a side effect of the radiation. I just pray I  don't struggle with it every week from here to years to come. I asked my dr in Effingham if this meant the first signs of my cancer going south and he stated "absolutely not". This dr just lays it out there like he sees it....he is as honest as they come. Neulasta is the shot I received today and the main side effect is bone pain (IF I get the bone pain, I will start getting it in about two days but controlled with Motrin, etc. I have chemotherapy induced neutropenia (which is a white blood cell deficiency). This drug should help get my count up within 7-10 days. My platelets are at like....86,000 so they are going up nicely although they also need to CLIMB alot.

As alot of you know, I was on MD Anderson's Cancerwise website as a featured liver patient. I explained in detail my experience of when I found out about my cancer to finding a place that offered me my first sign of hope. If you haven't read my story, please google MD Anderson Cancerwise blog( or look at the previous post and it will take you straight to it) and you should be able to find it. They even have my picture so it is hard to miss me!! I was honored they asked me to blog for them and I just felt a step closer to the MD Anderson family.

I worked most of the day besides a quick trip to get the shot but I had a weatherization appointment and the lady brought two little boys....one with an awful green snotty nose. I had some McDonald trucks so I gave each kid one and said you stay away from me and my desk.....Thank goodness for Germ-X!  Just hope it didn't go air born as he coughed at me. Argh.....sick, coughing, snotty nose kids have a place....AT HOME!

My niece is getting married this weekend. Rachel Ruesch to Courtney Yockey. I have a cousin and his wife from New York in town all weekend for the festivities, PLUS an added bonus of my nephew and his wife from Alabama. Oh...I can't forget my Aunt Belinda (my dad's baby sister) and Uncle Don from Kansas City. I am not letting a little shot or chemo this week stop me from atleast most of the events that might get planned.

I ask for special prayers this week for a third maybe fourth cousin of mine in Olney who is getting a needle biopsy on one of her breast. I ask for prayers for the Chris Kirkwood family. That God give Chris's daughter extra strength and guidance at this time. I pray for so many things at night especially. And then another 5 minutes thanking God for things that have happened on a good note for people that I sometimes hardly know. It doesn't matter though, we are ALL God's children.

Past my bedtime but just wanted to update after my chemo on Monday.


In Faith,


  1. Patty
    You are in my thoughts and prayers often - good to see ya the other day in Newton !!! Enjoy your weekend with family and friends - tell Rachel Congratulations !!! Rhonda :-}

  2. Prayers on the way; you are awesome - God is the awesomest!