Monday, April 29, 2013

Time is a ticking..... is all about time.
Tomorrow is my brother Larry and sister Lisa (twins) 50th Birthday. HUGS to both of you and I had lunch with them along with my mom, sister Sarah, and Larry's wife ~Sheila after my chemo treatment today. Then a little shopping to finish off the day!

Three weeks (May 18), will be my daughter Leslie's wedding to Rhett Funk.

Life is all about many ways. Time you spend with your family, friends,  time you work at doing your best at your job, and most importantly, time spent with God.

I want to share a precious moment I will cherish that happened Saturday as Pat and I spent the day watching Leslie's kids in Lawrenceville. It was about 8:00 p.m. and McKenna had her bath, and was wanting to watch a movie with me on her bed. As I sat on the edge and she jumped all over the bed, she came up behind me ever so gently, wrapped her arms around my neck and said in the most innocent voice "I love you, JaJa!" About 3 tears ran down my cheek. She asked: "Do I need to take you to the Dr?" and I said no, it's ok. She again insisted SHE could take me to the dr, I told her I was just so happy she loved me!......  Out of the mouth of babes, right?

Back to my chemo today. My bloodwork is all good and alk. phosphatase was at 176....down from MD Anderson bloodwork. I am scheduled for chemo the Monday before Leslie's wedding. It will be ok.

I have approximately two months before retirement (I am not old enough to I guess I am resigning....or does it really matter?) I will still have a hard time turning over my keys....shutting the back door for the last time, for the 110 appreciative people who walk through the door and not looking forward to the one hundred eleventh person who is rude and you just wanna poop on their head!!!  You don't get rich money wise working for a CAA (Community Action Agency) but you do get wise and appreciate the job. People who work at ERBA....usually stay there for years and years because we are treated as a great big family. When one aches, we all pull together. MY employer/family has been so good to me and believe me, alot will say I am not the easist bird to work with....feathers do fly at times.  But you know where you stand with me.  I am sure a few will not miss that trait in me. Enough said. There have been less than about 8 times in almost 18 years that I didn't want to go to work....otherwise, I was ready every day due to the enjoyment of helping people get a hand up...not a hand out.

I have a prayer request for a shining beam of light...her name is ASA and she is 1 1/2 years old with a tumor on her adrenal gland. It is cancerous more than likely and will have surgery in two weeks. Pray HARD she will overcome this bump in her life at such a young age. Her surgery will be in St. Louis.  The mother and father are friends with Leslie and Rhett. Bless her little body, Lord.

I feel good, I feel like I am living a high quality of life that I am oh, so thankful to our God. He is good All the time and my Faith overflows that he is right beside me at all times.

 Blessings and HUGS to you all!!



  1. Great news! You are an inspiration Patty Cocoran!
    Have prayed for Asa and will do so again.
    How can anybody NOT miss YOU! You are a bright and shiny star and one cannot ignore you!
    Stay true to God, Lovey, and he will stay true to you. Always and Forever!

  2. HUGS, more HUGS, sniff, sniff, and love you to the moon and back!! Thanks for your encouraging words. I need them every day to keep ON TOP of sad feeling the devil tries to plant in me...BUT I am a tough old lady and will fight 'er to the end with God right beside me!!