Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Funk Wedding

Rehearsal with four flower girls!!  

Uncle Jon Cummins walking Leslie down the aisle

My husband, Pat, and Leslie

My brother, Larry, and I

Hoovie, my daughter, Samantha, and Kinnick Funk (the ring bearer)

The warming of the rings.
Immediate family members held Leslie and Rhett's rings and said a small prayer before passing them on.
Then, Rhett's mom and I handed them to Pastor Jerry Bush. 

The marriage nuptials.....

Six Bridesmaids

Lil Braeda....She lost one shoe as she started down the aisle
so she had one shoe on and one shoe off. Didn't bother her a bit!

Not their first kiss and I am sure it won't be their last!! ;-)

Mr. & Mrs. Rhett Funk

Kate Corcoran and Anthony

Leslie, a very tired Kinnick at the dance, and MOI!

Samantha Cummins and McKenna Grace Funk

Some of my favorite friends...Jill Weiler, me, Debbie Weiler, and Sharon Jones

Trying to light the fire at the end of the night....everyone was winding down!
I was pretending to be a queen....lol!!

Jennifer Cummins-Zuber and Bart Zuber
(and baby is hiding in Jenn's belly for a while longer til he is big and strong)

Jennifer, me, and Samantha

Dancing with my favorite man, Pat
May 18th was a beautiful day for  my daughter and son-in-law, Leslie and Rhett Funk. Pastor Jerry at Mt Gilead Church did a wonderful job with the ceremony. The Holiday was so accommodating with every detail or concern we had with the set up/reception. The food was beyond delicious that they served. The DJ was GREAT (from St. Louis) and the Photo Booth is always a hit with my family (We get ALOT crazy inside of them ;-}.  The girls got ready at Laurel201, a guesthouse in town. My sister, Sarah, lived there with her then husband, John, and son, Anthony, when I was in high school. If you need a place for guests, I'd rent it again in a heartbeat....or maybe just rent it for Pat and I on our anniversary. It is cozy, beautifully decorated with three bedrooms. On Saturday, the makeup artist airbrushed our makeup and the hairdressers fancied up our hair right there where a few of the girls stayed the night before. Leslie just teased my hair up a bit and Fancy was ready to party!! Rhett & Leslie stayed at Laurel 201 on Saturday night alone.
I have had three of the five girls in the Cummins/Corcoran house get married, and each one is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.......it helps when they are already beautiful in my eyes. Each dress fits the brides personality to a tee. That's what makes them over the top beautiful.  The rehearsal dinner was upstairs at The Gypsy and we had great waitresses who were on the spot with serving people beverages/water. Susie Trupiano catered the event and it was SO daggone good. AND very reasonable. We just finished up the lasagna tonight. She also had baked mostaccioli and fetticcini alfredo served with garlic breadsticks and salad.
The only other vendor I want to mention is Ivy's Cottage. I truly believe in shopping locally for as much as a person can when your town is small and local businesses struggle to keep afloat. Ivy's is one of my favorite local flower and gift shops. We might have paid a little more but dang was it beautiful. I didn't have to drive out of town or take a day off of work to worry about it, we just gave Sam the reins and he hit a home run on the flowers!!   Emily Combs did the photography and I have only seen one picture of Leslie and McKenna but if they are all that good, we are gonna have a hard time choosing. This blog is suppose to be about me BUT my family is all about us as a whole so I just wanted to share the above with you.
I am feeling wonderful. My bloodwork is good. Dr. Dy in Effingham is amazed and delighted that I am still doing so well on the Irinotecan. It is still working well, as far as keeping me stable with no bad side effects.
Sometimes I pinch myself and tell myself mentally I shouldn't feel this good. I remember the day at Mayo Clinic when there was a dark cloud over my head. I never would have believed I would get up this morning and ride my bike 10.5 miles with a good wind for most of it. God is good to me. After my brain bleed, I never doubted I would get back to a normal life, but when I first came home, I couldn't get off the couch without assistance or get off the toilet by myself. Little by little, I pushed a little harder, and was back at work in three months. God is good to me all the time. I never have doubted this and I believe that is one of the reasons I am in as good of health that I am today. I am thankful daily for my family, friends, and cholangiocarcinoma friends that I am slowly meeting in person. When Lauren Kunklier gets better from her struggle after her surgeries, I am driving...hitch hiking, somehow.... going to meet her and Lisa Salem Craine (who is also a CC fighter that lives about 30 miles from Lauren). Then on to Memphis to meet Becky Couture who just started treatment not so long ago for this ugly cancer.
A HUGE shout out to our own Relay For Life that was the same day as Leslie's wedding. Our team came in third for money raised. Not too shabby for not even being there that day. They do a wonderful job and I so wanted to go out and run around the track in my mother's dress........ They called it the streak......yibba dow yibba dow........ Does anyone remember that song? I just giggled thinking about me doing that and that song being played as I ran "the lap".  I'd have waved my queen wave and everything!!!  Sometimes I dream the craziest stuff up in my head and I laugh so hard I pee my pants......and there is no one else laughing with me!!  I think the chemo is eating my brain cells!!
As I sit here this evening at dusk, I look at the Oklahoma tornado that has taken lives in seconds. Not only do I ask God to be beside these families, but it makes me realize for a sick person, I am so lucky to be here today. Every day that a person is on this earth is a blessing....or maybe I should say....a gift from God. Life in itself is a miracle....then to add a family or spouse. Everyday life.....it is all such a huge gift from God. When I hear people complain about "the little stuff in life", I just wanna shake them. I guess I just want you all to be thankful for your life. If you have God and  good health......everything else will fall into place if you let it........Yes, there will be bumps on the journey of life, but it makes you stronger and will draw you closer to God for strength.    Whether you die from cancer, a heart attack, from a disastrous tornado.....life comes and life goes. It's the "in between" that counts. The dash~
Like I said, I feel great and no complaints at this time. Pastor Jerry Bush said....If I didn't know that you had cancer, I wouldn't know you did. You look completely healthy. I'll take that!!  :-))

God be with you!!

Hugs and butterfly kisses~~


  1. Your post always makes me smile!!
    Lots of prayers for more "Happy Happy Happy" post!!

  2. Aw, Patty! Such blessings! I am so happy for you and your family! And I always get a due reminder to be thankful for my own blessings every time I come and read your insights. Hug!

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  4. John, Can I ask how you found my blog? Just curious. But enjoy the posts and hope you learn something.....that through good times and bad....God is always right there beside you!!

  5. Great pictures, I have also just started my blog but haven’t really put in anything there. Anyways, lovely wedding it looks like, they both complement each other a lot. I have also finalized one of the San Francisco wedding venues for my wedding with the love of my life. That will be my first ever blog.