Friday, June 14, 2013

Floating along.......

It has been an extra hard time emotionally for me over the past few weeks as another CC patient had complications with a surgery and passed away June 9th. This family is the All American family with so much love, hope, faith, and inspiration that you could ever dream of. They were all right there for each other through it all. My prayers will continue to go out for this family.  I truly believe Lauren didn't die, she moved to a place where there is no pain, no sin, no enemies. Just God's I know Lauren is in good hands. It still doesn't make it easy for her family so everyone please pray for her family to have peace in their heart knowing Lauren is with God in His kingdom.  Even though I haven't actually met this family, we Facebook back and forth a lot and are always reading each others blog and giving encouraging words. I feel like I have known them for a long time....and I hope to meet them real soon!!

My first grandson (my only grandson so far) turns one today. He is so easy going, so loving, and just a happy little fellow. Tomorrow we will celebrate his Birthday with food, cake, and gifts!!

At chemo on Monday, my dr pushed on my tummy and I had a spot on the left side that was a tad bit tender...then, throughout the last few days, it has still been there. So Thursday, I went to Effingham and got a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis. I was worried about it spreading to my me paranoid but when you have cancer, you are paranoid (or I am) even if my nose itches. I called and talked to the nurse and she said the report states all was clear except for a couple cysts in my spleen but they have been there every since I started this cancer journey. I am relieved all sounds ok. I will get a PET scan in about 3 1/2 weeks at MD Anderson, so we will have a better picture then. The nurse said I had a CT scan two years ago in June and the tumor has actually shrank 2 cm. according to their findings compared to the scan this week. I'll take that!!

Pat and I, along with Samantha, Chris, Jennifer, Amy & Braeda had lunch at the park today. I like those informal days when you can come dressed as you please and just enjoy each other's company.
We will hopefully have more picnic lunches in July after I resign June 30.

Jenn, Amy, and Braeda went to Chicago with their Grandma Cummins to visit their Uncle Chris, Aunt Teri, and kids. They also went to shop at IKEA. Jenn came home with a baby bed, dresser, I am not sure what all she got but I think the baby's room is about set!  I always wondered after I found out I had cancer if I would be alive to see her and Bart have a child. Well, Jenn is into her 6th month of pregnancy and I believe God is going to grant me the great honor of meeting my next grandchild.

I was in a 5K last Saturday and plan to go to Evansville for a 5K Color Blaze next weekend (June22). Jill Weiler, Amy Kirby, Debbie Weiler and I plan to be the people to meet with our great attitudes and loud cheering!!! And LOTSA chalk!!  Linda Burgener will be with us cheering us on from the sidelines!!  Yeah Linda!  I thank God for giving me the energy, the health, and the will to walk in this. All proceeds benefit The Ronald McDonald House. I will post pics but please no comments if they are bad....many surprises to come in those photo's. That I AM SURE OF!! Stay posted!! We are  spending the night and having a girls night dressing up for supper (like important people do....phewy). We  are eating at a place called Madeline's in Evansville. A big thank you to Pat Foust for helping with our outfitting for the know she is famous for making as I said, stay tuned for pictures.  :-))

So, as I try to wrap up this post, know that I am floating a butterfly trying to take in everything possible as far as life experiences with friends and family. Most (not all) butterflies die each year as we enter winter. They flutter, they fly, they are more than beautiful to watch all summer....floating from one flower to the next...full of life and color. Then they die. I hope as I flutter and float along in this cancer journey, I keep flying from one memory to the next. That death is still very far away from me. I thank the Almighty God above for everything and everyone in my all have been brought to me as I have floated along for a reason.

 Peace be with all of you as you enjoy the summer.

Patty Corcoran

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