Thursday, July 11, 2013

The best news from Dr. Javle today!!

I was a little scared to go to M.D. Anderson because for the last (almost a year) I have been getting CT scans instead of PET scans because insurance said the PET was not necessary. Well, we got it all switched back to where they did a PET and chest X-rays this visit. A PET shows every spec of cancer or is a lot more detailed. We flew in to Houston on Tuesday late afternoon, had supper at the Rotary House, and early in the wee hours, Pat was sick. Throwing up, belly get the pic. He thought he had food poisoning but he came home tonight and is still feeling a little rough. Let's hope he keeps it to himself. It made for a long day Wednesday with my chest x-ray at 8 am and on to the PET from there which is about 2 1/2 hours. We spent the rest of the day in the hotel as Pat felt horrible. That night, we ordered pizza and wings, and just chilled. Thursday is the longest of time until my appt. at 10 am.....but it was 11:30 before we were talking to Dr. Javle. When he walked in, he asked how I was doing. I replied back to him that it was his job to tell me how I was doing. DRUM ROLL PLEASE: Dr. Javle states my large tumor is dying, it is over 50 percent less active than a year ago. This is the part that got radiated a year ago and they didn't think it worked. did and there is a decrease in the tumor size and FDG avidity. The maximum SUV within the tumor is 5.3 in the current scan and it previously measured 11.1!!!  Dr. Javle states my cancer is currently under control. I do have a small mass at the dome of the liver that is lighting up meaning it is cancerous although not very active. It has been there for over a year (approximately) but has not grown.  He will take my case to review this Tuesday with his peers and they will discuss my case and any suggestions to get rid of that little booger of a cancer mass....I am to call and talk to Dr. Javle or Jackie (his P.A.) on Wednesday. 
If you have been reading my blog since the beginning, I had radiation in Houston last spring for 28 days and it wasn't until I got home that it kicked me into next MONTH or maybe TWO MONTHS as far as no energy and just plum tired. So, after the radiation, I waited 6 weeks, then went back for a scan only to be told they didn't think it worked. Well, exactly where they radiated is where the tumor is dying. DR. Javle has already called Dr. Das who was my radiation oncologist, and he said the little mass is too close to the diaphragm and heart to do radiation on to another plan, I hope.
When I heard all of this news, I just sat there.......I was good emotionally until I was telling my sister, Sarah the good news that I kinda choked up. Then I got my composure back together. Then, on the plane, I was thanking and praising God for ALL He has done for me and tears just came from nowhere. I turned my head so Pat couldn't see me but I was sobbing quietly while way up in the sky and gliding along like a bird dodging clouds. I have so much to thank God for...well...I have everything to be thankful for because of Him.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jesus!
I did meet another lady (probably 60) in the waiting room that also had intra hepatic cholangiocarcinoma....they told her she had less than 2 years to live. She has a different doctor. I am SO thankful I have the doctors I have. From local ones, to the ones in Springfield, Effingham, to the ones in Houston, they are all just great physicians. I am blessed! I am also blessed with the 100's of people, churches, friends that pray for me~thank you all and please keep praying. IT IS WORKING!
It's 11:03 and I am calling it a night. Just wanted to share the great news I had today. I couldn't have asked for much more. With this cancer, baby steps are even sometimes you start taking steps backwards with this disease. I'm not going backwards if I can help it!!

HUGS and God Bless~~



  1. Yesterday morning as I was getting ready I prayed a long silent prayer that He would put His hands on you and give you peace and strength. Well, He did so much more than that! Whooo hooo! You are amazing, beautiful, and strong! He is doing amazing things with you and I am so thankful you have this blog so others can see. Now go ride your bike and enjoy your weekend!! Love you lots and lots!!

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  3. I hate spell, but i pray God Squeezes those tumors out...

  4. Patty, it was a darn good thing Larry and Sheila were at my house when you called or it could have been a real tear-jerker conversation for us both. I am so happy and love you verrrry muuuch!!!!

  5. God is amazing. Love seeing his work. Love you,Christina/ERBA