Sunday, August 4, 2013

A call from MD Anderson.....

The week before leaving on vacation, I received a call from Dr. Javle.  Dr. Crain and Dr. Das, (both are radiation oncologists at MD Anderson) have decided the proton therapy would give too high a dose to the area they were wanting to radiate. They are still just too worried some radiation might make its way to my heart. THEN, I would not only have cancer...but a bad heart. It is still hard for me to sit here and write this for the world to see. I guess I kind of feel like it is a step backwards.....but maybe not if it would affect my heart. God is leading me on this journey and I totally trust this has all happened for a reason.  

I recently told my husband he needed to count the apples in his basket and not count the ones that had fallen it is my turn to say it to myself. I have to remember the good things Dr. Javle told me.....that my tumor that they radiated a year ago is 50% less active than last year at this time. That alone is great news. My heart still feels heavy...I won't deny it.....but I must focus on the good and it's just a small bump in the road.

Pat has had a small heart attack a couple of weeks ago....he was ambulanced to Springfield at St. Johns Hospital for about 3-4 days and needed a stent for a 90% blockage. Of course, Dr. Goswami fixed him right up. We will see him again in 6 weeks.  Pat is trying to adjust to his meds but he also needs prayers for healing. He has high BP and is also having to deal with the anxiety of not smoking anymore. He is a strong man and I know he is going to be just fine!

This past week was our family vacation in Florida. The beach is what we all needed. 14 adults and 3 children.....memories to last a lifetime.  The men went fishing on a large boat (along with a few of the women) and brought back about 25 pounds of fish (already cleaned by the crew on the boat). Lotsa good shopping and I even got some Christmas shopping done.

I receive chemo tomorrow and it has been 3 weeks since my last dose. I usually get it every two weeks. I seem to have caught a small bug with stomach cramps and the scoots (some of the other gang had the same symptoms) let's pray my bloodwork is good enough to get the poison.

That's about it for now...not a lot to say....I pray for God's strength to lift me up out of this pity party I seem to be going thru right now. My faith is strong and I know God is beside me....this is just a small bump I will have to get over and move on to a more positive attitude. As I said, God is with me...all the time!!
Jenn's Baby Shower (l-r) Amy and Braeda Rusk, Jennifer Cummins~Zuber, Kate Corcoran, Patty, and Samantha Cummins

(L-R) Bart and Jenn  Zuber and baby Zuber in two months :-), Kate Corcoran, Mike Sullivan, McKenna, Rhett, Leslie, and Kinnick Funk, Bill and Debbie Weiler, Patty and Pat Corcoran, Samantha Cummins and Chris Foust, Amy, Braeda, and Rylan Rusk.

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