Monday, October 14, 2013

It's that time again......

Welp.......we're heading to Houston tomorrow (and it shows rain all day.....I HATE flying in rain!!!). It has been a busy past 7 days as mom had a so called minor surgery last Thursday and was released on Friday to go home. I stayed Friday night at her house with her just in case she would fall. She did great and even planned on going to church on Sunday although I was leary she was ready. Sunday about 1, I get a call from my sister Sarah, and she is on her way to moms as she is feeling short of breath. I call mom and she said she felt like she had bricks on her we were adamant that she was going back to the e-room in Vincennes. She had fluid buildup around her heart and lungs. They admitted her and started the Lasix at 50 MG and boy was it draining FAST. About 100cc per 5 minutes. Today, they released her and she is at home. Please say an extra prayer she is healing while I head to Texas.

Staying with the Schonert's!! Deb and Bruce have graciously opened their home up to us. They are close to the airport but about 45 minutes from MD Anderson. I hope they know what they are getting their self into! Deb and I went to school together but Pat and Bruce have never met. It will be a nice visit and maybe take my mind off the scan-xiety I am already trying to fight off. I told Jenn I felt like my lymph nodes under my arms felt tender and she replied  "Yip, and I think you might have cancer on your eyeballs, your hair strands, and on your toenails" and blah blah blah (something like this comment).....she knows the routine I go through everytime we go to Houston. I really am not worried....I know God has guided me on this cancer journey for 2 1/2 years and I am still here. It WILL be ok no matter what!!

I was in a 5K Heart Walk a couple weeks ago. I could be in one every weekend...Not only do you give to a lot of good organizations, you also meet a lot of new people from the area.

I received a call from Polly Sulcer and she has asked me to speak and tell my story at the 20th Relay For Life in Richland County in May. Oh boy......OH BOY! What an honor but for 18 years when I worked, I worked with people mostly one on to talk to a group of a couple hundred and then some.....I hope I don't disappoint!

Sometimes I pinch myself because I feel so good. I have got to say no to people so I can stay home and finish my book to sell for our Relay team. I have 4 pages completely drawn and ready to watercolor....only 8 more to go. Argh!  I am taking the drawings to Texas with me so maybe I can get a couple more done. As I was saying, I feel really good. Yes, I have a pain here and there....but I do not take pain pills....never pain that stays...just a whang of pain here and there in the liver area. As always, I ask for prayers to the moon and back for shrinkage or necrosis (dying of the tumor). I have always asked for stability but this time I have decided to ask God to take it a step further.....let's show 'em what we got! Because God can move mountains, separate seas, He can do anything so I am praying for 2 1/2's been all about stability. And I will give thanks and praise for that but WHAT IF HE could go a step further. To give hope to some other CC families I have talked to lately. Pray.......thoughts....God hears them all!

As I stood on Main Street last week and visited with Janet David, she said Father Jerry kept telling her to get on the computer and read my blog. Not being very computer literate, she has not did it but said he told her several times how uplifting and so full of faith my posts were. That to see how much faith I showed through my cancer journey gave him so much inspiration. WOW! How humbling to hear this as I teared up at the thought of Fr. Jerry saying that. That alone makes my blog worth keeping alive. That maybe someone else will learn about CC or learn/reach out to God. I had a family from Nebraska that I talked with last week. They just found out their 22 year old son has CC. The first question I asked was....Do you believe in God?   The CC journey with God along side of me is like having stepping stones when there are bad moments...they lead me to the next   BUT, without God, it would just be stumbling stones one after the other. Just when you start to get up, I imagine you would just fall down again and again. But....God picks me up on those somber days and I will have one about Thursday when I go for the results and to see where my cancer stands. I know He is beside me but it is still scary to sit and wait for my name to be called see the faces come and go in that massive place called MD Anderson. I tell myself anyone who is human would have those feelings and it is ok.......and I pray and talk to God in my head the whole time as I sit and wait.  He is there to pick me up when I start thinking about dying. He is there every single time...every single moment...every second of the day on this journey of my life. I praise Him and give thanks!

So, this you stop at each STOP sign....STOP, LOOK BOTH DIRECTIONS, THEN LOOK UP AND ASK GOD TO KEEP ME IN THE PALM OF HIS HANDS AND TO GIVE ME GREAT NEWS!!! At every turn, and every dinner prayer, please include me in your prayers. Prayers are heard and answered as they have been for the last 2 1/2 years.

Thank you and I will also ask God to bless my family and friends each and every day. You ALL mean so much.

I haven't even started packing so I better get off of here and get busy! Suppose to be cold in Texas....what in the world!!!  I thought Texas was warm until atleast November!!!!!   BRRR!

Hugs to you and may peace be with you all!!


  1. Prayers for peace and a good report, Patty. Please, God, pour your healing spirit upon Patty and just get rid of all her cancer. "All things are possible through Christ our Lord". We love you, girl, and think about and pray for you and yours constantly. Praying for a safe trip!

  2. Praying for you Patty at every stop!!!!! GOD IS GREAT your a faithful followera

  3. I like the concreteness of praying at each stop sign. That gives us a reference point. I agree with Fr. Jerry. Your blog is an inspiration. n I will be praying for you while you are in Texas as I do daily but will add a few extras on Thursday because I know the feeling of sitting and waiting for the results.

  4. I pray everyday for you P

  5. Hi Patti, I work for MD Anderson the Cancerwise blog. We'd love to share your story. Are you interested in writing us. Email me at and I'll fill you in on the process. Wishing you the best with the upcoming scans!
    Kellie Bramlet
    MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Communications Specialist

  6. Prayers continue and that HE rids you of this beast. Safe travels.