Tuesday, October 22, 2013

To Texas we will go........

After meeting with our local oncologist from Effingham on Monday, I had pretty well made up my mind, but he definitely sealed the deal. I think Pat was on the fence but now is on board that we don't have a lot of choices right now. We are going back to Texas for 13 IMRT days with radiation 2 X a day. Pat and I leave in the am and will drive to Lufkin, Tx where we will spend the night and go on into Houston for a Dr appt. @ 10:30 with Dr. Javle and then the Simulation (this is where they do a CT scan and mark with tattoo ink in a needle to know PRECISELY where to radiate) at 3 pm. This will take about an hour and we will start for home. We will stop about 9-10 that night and come back to Olney on Friday sometime that afternoon.

Next Wednesday we will drive straight to Texas and start radiation the next morning. I pray the time in Texas passes so fast as it seemed to drag on (last time) once the radiation started making me so tired and depleted of energy. It was 3 months before I returned back to work the last time I got the radiation. It is SO RARE for a person to be radiated twice in a lifetime in the same area BUT MD Anderson feels this is the right thing for me....and who can question the best hospital for cancer patients. I will march down there, get it all done and hope that monster in me (which has a bright spot they want to put back to sleep for as long as possible) stops getting any brighter and pray it does not spread. I can only worry about the day I wake up from.....put one foot in front of the other and let the rest lay in God's hands. He has been right beside me E.V.E.R.Y. step so far and I have all the faith He will be with me no matter what happens.

We are still looking at apartments in Houston close to MD Anderson. Most want to rent by the month or we could do a hotel which is by the day and sometimes by the week but I like separate rooms and not everything in one room basically. We will get it all lined out....that is the least of my worries.

I will update before leaving for Texas next Wednesday....and during treatments if I am able to. If I don't - my girls will update for me. Feel free....No PLEASE pray for God to give me strength to weather this radiation...to stop this bile duct cancer from going anywhere but where it is at currently.
I thank and give praises to God every day that I feel SO daggone healthy but they keep telling me I am not. God has definitely got things under control.....and I praise Him daily for that!

Pay it forward!!

May peace be with all of you!!


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