Monday, November 18, 2013

Done and over with....almost!

I have had both of my radiation treatments for the day (on the very last treatment, just as they started "cooking" me, The Eye Of The Tiger song came on.....I thought it was appropriate!!.....Now I can take off the clear tape that holds the "BB like" balls under that tape which also have a big red X made by a sharpie like pen. This had been on me in three different on the upper left rib(kind of under the armpit and down a little), one on the upper right rib (same way as the left), and in the middle of my "boobs" ;-) but to the right some and just about where your bra baseline is. Hope that is not too much info..... these are some if the ways they identify how to "line me up" with the machine. Anyway....the bell ringing tradition was after the last treatment and BIG hugs to all 3 of the guys. In the whole time I have went to MD Anderson, I have never had a bad experience or a grumbled worker. It's a place that gives hugs, gives words of encouragement, and most of all....HOPE!
Here are the last two of the radiation team that I wanted to get a picture with. They are all just so great!! Then, there's Pat and I by the bell...and a few dorky looking ones of a bald lady......OH, THAT'S ME!!  This radiation journey has ended....and tomorrow is a visit with the great Dr. Javle. Then, in the car we will RUN to get started back to Illinois. See some of you Wednesday evening ...I for sure am seeing little Braeda and family plus Samantha & Chris...and I have a coffee date with little Amity on Thursday morning(and Jenn), and watching Leslie's kids on Friday with my mom. I am probably done posting unless I find a really worthy pic to take on the way home.
Home again, home again...jiggety~ jig!
The Radiation Crew
Pat and I at "The Bell"



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