Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flowers, Fresh Grass, and Swingsets.....oh, and Easter Egg Hunts!!

The days have been passing by so seems as if I just got back from MD Anderson. Since my vacations, I have been busy watching grandchildren, playing at the park, riding my bike to town to see Amity (about 10 miles), going to an East Egg Hunt today to watch Braeda  at St. Joe's egg hunt, getting ready for The Relay, and STILL selling books for our Relay For Life team. PLEASE contact me or someone in my family to get a book. We do mail them so if you need one mailed, it's great with me!!
So, soon Pat and I will travel to Houston for scans and bloodwork. We will see Dr. Javle the next morning for the results. I have had different pains here and there...I had a Doppler test in my groin area due to some pain (they were looking for a blockage possibly or clots) but the only thing they found was a slightly enlarged lymph node. They also did a couple a couple x-rays on my hip/pelvis to make sure I didn't have a stress fracture causing the pain but it came back clear. The pain has I guess that is good. And maybe it is normal to have an ache here and there when you have had two different rounds of radiation plus several rounds of chemo.
I read a saying that really hits home..."You never really start living until you are dying"  Wow, how true that is. Or maybe it's the fact that you appreciate the small things in life that before were just another season.....another rainbow, another family dinner. To me, they are all way more meaningful than "before" this cancer journey.
I feel I am just going to Texas with positive thoughts and a calmness that no matter what the PET scan finds, I will be ok. God is with me and whatever happens....happens.   Prayers are encouraged and appreciated!!
Keep you posted after seeing Dr. Javle on Tuesday morning.


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