Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good News Abounds

Hello everyone:

Mom & Pat are driving home from Houston now, but she asked that I post a few words to let everyone know the results of her PET scan yesterday and appointment with Dr. Javle today.

Her cancer remains stable! No metastasis to any other organs. Her CA19-9 value went down from 12 at her last appointment to 9.2 on Sunday evening. Her liver and kidney function is great, and Dr. Javle thinks the healthy tissue in her liver that was collateral damage from radiation is regenerating.

Dr. Javle told Mom that she is doing amazing, and he expects her current break to last awhile (maybe months longer!).  Thus far, Mom has been without treatment (chemo or radiation) for over seven months!

Someone emailed Dr. Javle the speech that Mom wrote for the Richland County Relay for Life, and he said he loved it! :)

Thank you for your continued prayers. God is good all the time!!


Jennifer, Samantha, Amy, and Mom at Samantha's bridal shower

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