Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This is mainly for my CC friends.....

Somewhere....someone asked about Trametinib and I said I would ask my doctor about it. He said it is VERY promising. VERY.

Then I asked about Immunotherapy and he said "IT IS HUGE!  HUGE!"   and that it's going to do great things.

That's all I've got! Hope.......Pray......that a cure is on the horizon for all cancers!



  1. I have really enjoyed reading your story on CC...My mom was diagnosed with it in November 2013 and its so scary...I have learned more in your posy over night than I have learned in the 9 months that she had it. I just found out yesterday at her appointment the proper name of it. I will do anything to try to save my mom. I wish she had your spirit, and wish she would take the time out to read some of your post. She's depressed right now. We are in North Carolina (I see you like our beach here) and I am trying to see if her insurance will pay for her to go to one of these big cancer treatment hospitals with all the great doctors!! Thank You for your post

    1. Monica~ I would hope (and think) all insurance carrier would let you take your mom to a major cancer center. The Cholangiocarcinoma website has a list of all the major hospitals. Feel free to call me at any time!! 618-843-5367