Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where have I been???

I am somewhat embarrassed it has been since mid August since I have posted. One thing you will learn about me is when all is good, I rarely post. When things are NOT so good, you will be kept up to date no matter what my status is. My stats are up to 108,544 hits on my blog.....crazy to me but also makes me embarrassed I have not been better about blogging.

Let's start with the wedding...Samantha (my daughter) and Chris Foust had the most perfect wedding as you can see from a few of the pics. They honeymooned off the coast of Aruba......and are now back to work and settling in as the cutest couple! See for yourself~~

AFTER things had settled from the wedding, I had an appointment with my oncologist from Effingham. Just to check my blood consistency and all of the normal bloodwork. I also requested a CA 19-9 to see what my cancer marker was. My platelets were in normal range which hasn't happened for over a year. My CA 19-9 (DRUM ROLL) was 9. Yes, I can sigh a little bit of relief but it doesn't mean everything is hunky dory inside me. Sometimes my intestines feel like they are just fighting inside of me. My dr thinks it could be a little bit from the radiation the first round that I had. Pain?  I don't have any in my liver area (except the night I went to the E-room when I found out I had cancer)......I never have....maybe if I did....I wouldn't be writing this boring blog.    So....as far as the bloodwork, it was kind of like cheating before I go to Houston to see Dr. Javle.

I used to take a "girls trip" every year until I got cancer. We have not taken one since.....but when I received the news last time I was in Houston, I decided after Samantha's wedding, it was time to get away. There were 4 of us....smaller than usual, but we had the best time in Gulf Shores. Pat was gone on a hunting trip with friends so it was perfect timing. Nothing lets you "let go" like the ocean does....or so that is how I feel.   It was a great trip and I thank God I was healthy enough to take it all in and enjoy every single moment. There was singing....everyone knows I like to sing outloud.............."What A Wonderful World" is one of my favs and has been for several years.  I tried to do a good deed every day on vacation....take an old lady's cart from her after putting her groceries in her car, telling a lady on the beach how great she looked in her bathing suit, scaring atleast one of the girls in our bunch ATLEAST once a day......I mean, it wouldn't be ME if I didn't do cannonballs into the pool just to drench a couple of my room mates. One set of ladies were very snobby and offended one person in our group...thinking they were rich old snobs. So....I went over and struck up a conversation and after a while, I was told where the best place was to eat. AND IT WAS SUPERB!  After that, they were very friendly. I refuse to believe that I can't get someone to talk if you just give them the chance. They were charming, nice old bats and had bought their stay at The Beach Club at a church auction.  I have truly missed The Beach Girls trip....and plan to do it more often.....maybe one in the spring for the right price!

My next visit to MD Anderson is October 6 &7. I have faith God is with me. There have been many "God-winks" and I have gave thanks over and over again for His graciousness! I am not perfect and I am not worthy....BUT....I also know I would be lost without Him. I pray for so many cancer patients going through alot right now......I pray for a patient getting ready for a resection....how blessed they are!!  I ask for prayers for my Uncle Dutch in NY getting ready for surgery......he's been through a lot and I pray God heals him soon!!  I pray for everyone from one corner of the world to the other. I pray for the many people who loved a lady so dearly in Olney. A lady with more grace, more inner beauty, more love for mankind than most of us can even dream of!  R.I.P. Laura~~  I ask God to be with this family as they try to put one foot in front of the other until some sort of inner peace comes along....if that's possible.

Patty Corcoran

Here's a few pics of us "old bats" on vacation ;-)


  1. Patty - George Strait's "I saw God today" was so fittingly playing on the radio while I read your blog today. Bless you for paying it forward and lifting people up!!!!

    Carol Runyon

  2. Thank you Carol. I love that song!! Thank you for sharing that....it made my heart smile from my toes to my ears! Hugs!! Patty