Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 5 of clinical trial

I thought I'd give a short update of how I am feeling, side effects so far, etc.
I am going 100 miles an hour it seems. Linda and I did some damage at Target yesterday for the Egg Hunt we have every year with the grandkids. We ate lunch out, hit a local farmers market where most stuff was organic. And hit a few more shops.  Had a 3 oz. piece of cooked steak last night (brought them from Hartrich's back home).

I am feeling great. I am not sleeping quite as well but I  think that is partly due to drinking 128 oz. of water a day. I am up atleast once during the night. I had diarrhea 4 X yesterday which wasn't convenient  on a shopping day but I think maybe it was the first side effect of the drug on day 4. If it starts today, I'll just take a handy dandy pill and put a stop to it. I have ordered a book about phosphates and how much is in a cup of this and that. It's a 450 page book so it should cover a lot of the foods I am eating. Thanks to Ally Gruenner I met at MD Anderson, who is a week ahead of me in the trial, she recommended the book after seeing the dietitian at MDA. It should be here this week. It's a used book so I'm recycling! ;-)

I am excited to go home. I will be home from the 1st to the 7th in Olney. IF... IF ...IF the NEW "Irene Goes To The Beach" book is here, I'll have a book signing somewhere in Olney. That would be exciting and you could all come see me and get your book all in one trip!! ;-)  We are hoping the book is back from the printers but it's going to be close!

We're headed to Bruce and Deb Schonert's today for a cookout. The weather is not the best and jackets have been worn more days than not!!  Lots of rain...very little sun. But, I am alive and flowers are blooming and even though the sun doesn't shine, we try and make the best of each new day!

Like I said, people are asking how I am feeling on the trial. Nothing to complain about yet........I'll keep marching!!

Love and hugs,

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