Sunday, March 8, 2015

One week down!

Yes, one week down and I passed the phosphate serum test after being pumped full of fluids. It took three sticks to get a vein and two hours to get the fluids into me. Then off to sit in a room of 80 people ( 40 of those 80 need blood drawn). This goes on all day....every day!

Saturday, we were off to the Houston Rodeo and to see Alan Jackson. It was a much needed relaxing and fun day (thanks to Deb & Bruce Schonert for the invite!). After 4 out of 5 days at MD Anderson...we were ready to just breathe!! More pics are on my Facebook page of the rodeo. MD Anderson was a sponsor evidently by one of the pics you see here. Glad I had my camera as I am pretty proud MD Anderson who just NEVER gives up on a person with cancer. IF you have cancer.....and think your time is coming to an end....get to Houston.....and do it before it's too late or too advanced. Even if your dr says it's too late, MDA could totally be able to have something to turn your cancer around and find a cure for you.  AND even if one doctor tells you nothing can be done....another can cure you. NEVER GIVE UP!          N.E.V.E.R.!

 I did meet up with a CC friend who is on the trial I am on. She was back for her first scan since being on the drugs.  She was basically only on the drug a month out of 2 months due to problems with phosphate levels being elevated. She was given a great report that in just that little of time, one tumor was shrinking and the rest were stable.

I am ready for the next week to begin. Appointments start on Tuesday and continue Wednesday and Thursday. I see an opthomologist and get an echo cardiogram on Tuesday, blood work  Wednesday and Thursday. I need to pass the eye exam and the echo to get on the clinical trial. This trial is not offered in Illinois at Crossroads Cancer Center. But, I also feel I'd be dead if I would not have came to MDA.  Dr. Javle is leading this trial and it is giving much hope so far.

Please keep me in your prayers that all tests go fine and we can get this trial started. No big plans this week in the social matter. Maybe a's still chilly and raining all day today plus the same yuck tomorrow. By the weekend, I am hoping for 70+ degree weather!

Linda (the gal we are staying with) made some yummy cabbage soup that we are eating on (not Pat). I am downing water like a drunk drinks beer on a 110 degree day! ;-)  I am also learning that phosphates are just about in everything that tastes good. It's something I am slowly transitioning into when I go to the store. I pick up a lot of stuff and after reading the label, 70% goes back on the shelf! BUT, if it keeps me on this trial....I'll eat what it takes to keep my phosphate level in check! NO WHINING...right?!!!  My faith says to be grateful for where I am RIGHT NOW. It may not be where I'd like to be but my life/health is...what it is. I thank God for every day I wake up. I thank Him for my family that I miss already! I am blessed with the most knowledgeable doctors in the U.S. and I believe God has led me there. I am grateful for friends....for the sun, the rain....for every season. I believe you can choose to have seasons in your life full of faith, love, peace, thankfulness, giving, and trust. OR you can choose to have seasons in your life full of pity, poor me, hate, spiteful, sadness, and despair. I choose the first and I know God would not be right beside me if I didn't believe this is His will for all of us! Have a great week and may you make the best of your 'seasons'!!

Hugs and I'll post the fastest I can if I get into the trial!!  Stay posted for updates.

Hugs and peace!!

That's the best place for cancer patients in the world!! Just ask me...I'll tell you!!  ;-)
Danna Grisso and I. Danna is in the same clinical trial that I will hopefully be in.

Danna and her sister having lunch with Pat & I.

Looks like Pat is getting ready to give his two cents.

Pat & I with Deb and Bruce Schonert. Going to the Rodeeeooo!!

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