Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's ok.....mostly

The fluids went in and the needle came out. Labs were drawn right in my private room....treated like a queen ;-).  Then...I waited for the results. They were not what I wanted to see's ok.
My creatinine was 1.05 and I needed to see it go to 1.00   It went UP instead of 1.1.  GEESH!

But, my BUN is standing strong so I truly believe it is just the clinical trial pill playing with my "innards". I will stay off the trial until I go back in the first weeks of June. I will have blood work again and it will all be good so I can get started on Cycle 4 of this trial. At the end of Cycle 4, I will have another scan to see where we are with this trial. If being off the trial a week early means my kidneys will not be damaged, then that's what needs to happen.

Being a lab rat is hard work...mentally more than anything.  You think you're doing everything right and drinking lots of water...eating the right foods. BUT, Dr. Javle says it's not me, it is all the poison that has been put in my body...especially Cisplatin (a chemo drug I was introduced to FIRST when I got this cancer) and the clinical trial drug I am on. So, we will give thanks for every good blood test and pray for fewer bad blood tests....but most of all, I pray for stability with the cancer and stability with my kidney function. I can't live without my kidneys so I am so happy to have Dr. Javle being so careful with them AND the drug company Novartis with strict guidelines on lab I don't lose my kidneys or eyesight or get a heart condition. They cover all the they should!! 

So, there you have it. I am not going to let it ruin my day. Nope, not one bit!  It is just meant to be. I will be back on the trial before you know it and reporting good news!!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. Be safe, drive sober, don't drink and drive. Call a friend~~


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