Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chemo Treatment #2

Well.....even though my appt. with Dr.Dy was at 8:30....didn't get into him until after  9. Then....chemo didn't get started until 10:30. Gonna be a late day.

BUT...get this....the dr says I am doing GREAT and my bloodwork is better then the last time I was since I have NO pain and taking no pain meds, he said he thinks it is already working its magic in my body. Poison going into my body...doing magic? Maybe Magic Potion sounds better :^) I do not care what it is called....if it is already showing signs of working good things in my body-pump me full of it!

My next chemo date is May my little paper showing it, it also showed insurance carriers, my address....etc. THEN....I see Current $5770.  REALLY?  Yes, it should definately be called a Magic Potion at that price. But I think that is for two treatments. Nope....just checked and that is for ONE treatment!  Not to mention the $4000 Tarceva pill I take.  Gonna be able to call me the Million Dollar Woman before long!!

I forgot to ready my daily meditation book t.his am and I feel like I have sinned. It has became such a part of my morning that I look forward to it.  I read it every morning and every night in bed so I will have to read it twice as long in bed tonight.

Enough for now.....


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