Friday, April 15, 2011

Have a great weekend!

Last post before the weekend.... I am feeling pretty good. Rash is a little better and does not itch as bad. STILL looks like I took a scouring pad to parts of my head and face.  I washed my hair last night so I didn't have to use a hot hair dryer on it Friday morning. That helped!  I also ate eggs and toast, then waited two hours before taking my meds and NO bellyache. YEAH!! I will resume the Tarceva probably on Sunday and hopefully my rash will be a little easier to look at. I am not whining about really is ugly though!
I get chemo on Wednesday and for some reason I always get excited to get that crazy? I have no pain and take no pain meds so I consider myself pretty lucky!  My dr. says if my vein get a funny color again (in the other arm this time) we will probably put a port in. I am just a delicate flower with little veins....right! 
I want to give a big shout out to my ERBA friends for all of their support through this. Actually, everyone has been more than great. I REALLY didn't know I had this many friends!  My husband has picked up the slack at home and has started doing laundry, keeping dished done/in dishwasher, etc. and he KNOWS how much I hate a dirty house.
Still getting a few meals from people and it is great because I only cook about 1-2 times a week. THANKS to all who share their meals with us.
Lastly, but most importantly, I want to thank God for coming into my life at just the time HE knew I would need him the most! I was one of those who went to church, prayed when I thought about it....not often, and thought all was good. I had no idea how much I was missing out on.....boy what a fool I was! The calmness I now feel and not being afraid of whatever happens in my life, is irreplaceable! AND the people God has sent to me to help guide me with scripture at this time are also a sign HE is right beside me! You will probably hear me say this time and time again but I never get tired of saying it so I hope you don't get tired of hearing it!!
In closing, I received a text from a friend that went like this...."OK...have a short story.....I was explaining your "story" to someone today. When I told them you'd be the one that beats this disease.....I felt the presence of God on me. I believe you're the one that's gonna beat this Patty!"   Thanks Michelle Kauble for sharing this with me!!
Everyone have a safe weekend and God Bless you all!!

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