Thursday, May 5, 2011

3rd chemo treamtent...

Well.....I was able to get my chemo even if I had "burned veins" from the two previous iv infusions.  I am scheduled for a port on May 12....right before my next treatment on the 18th of May. A surgeon will perform the nice port installation from Effingham.
    My Dr. Dy was so excited when he came into my exam room Wednesday. You usually wait two or three treatments before checking your cancer marker but he decided to do it after just one treatment and it went from 298 to 265. He was so excited he was almost shaking.  I was holding back the tears.
   I whine about my tiredness and he basically said if your body says rest...REST!  if your body says sleep....SLEEP.   And then I read about the triatholon in the paper last night and I want to do it so bad!!  We shall see.....
   I went to the Mothers Day Banquet last night at St Joe with ALL four of my daughters and it was nice....oh, and of course McKenna Grace. I saved the best for last!  It was nice to spend quality time just with them and Deb Weiler (she came with). ;-}
   I woke up at 11:30 last night feeling relly nauseous...I thought .."oh boy, here we go toilet basin" but I just kept swallowing my spit for about an hour and then got up to take a nausea pill. Still didn't sleep good but hopefully better rest tonight. I worked today and have felt pretty ok. Even walked to Fessel's and Ophelia's to support downtown Olney.
I did not know Amy was going to do a meal calendar but she talked to the girls and thought it might work out better for awhile. I have lost 10 pounds in 3 treatments and he wants NO weight I guess neither Pat nor I have the strenghth to do it.  He has arthritis flare ups that are terrible for him at times.
   I also went to my 1st Cancer Survivor Dinner although I don't consider myself a "survivor". It was really awesome and I cannot wait to be a part of the Relay. A big HOOT. HONK, and THANK YOU to all who put this worthy event together!!
Keep you posted in a few days if I can lift my fingers!!!


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