Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back At It Again

Amy and I came to Effingham for chemo with Mom today. She started the treatment around 9:20 a.m. and she's not finished yet (it's 4 p.m.).  It's been a pretty fun day, though. Lots of laughing and poking Amy's belly and unborn child. Dr. Dy was very excited to see us, and even gave us hugs. He's also happy with Mom's progress and the news from MD Anderson.
The new dosage instructions from MD Anderson specificy that the treatment be given very slowly to minimize the risk of Mom's veins burning (which is why she's here longer than usual). Today when they gave her the gemcitabine (which is the burning drug), her vein was freezing cold (which is good, but really weird to feel). The cisplatin also went by like a breeze. Hopefully since Mom hasn't had chemo for six weeks, this treatment won't make her as tired as the last one.
We took these photos this afternoon. They're not the most flattering of any of us, but oh well. Gotta love auto-timers. :)  ~Jen

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