Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

It has been 5 days since chemo and I am doing pretty well. Chemo was all day Wednesday, I worked all day Thursday & Friday, I trimmed Amy's baby room with paint on Saturday, Sunday was church and alot of just resting my bones. Today is the 4th and we are suppose to go to Bill & Debbie Weiler's for a pool party/cookout. If it continues to be a rainy/cloudy day, we might move the cookout to here.
Amy and I have been walking two miles a day since coming home from MD Anderson. I am beginning to wonder if that is why I am not maintaining weight. I have lost appr. 10 pounds in two months.
I see Dr., Goswomi this Thursday (the dr. who saved my life from all the clots blocking my veins). He will do an echo to see if my blood has formed any new clots. My blood does not like the chemo so I am prone to clots forming. Hopefully my Lovenox shots are working and all is clear in my veins.

 Amy, Jenn, and I (signed up) to walk in the MS Event that Marla, Krista and Tony Adams are hosting. Everyone needs to help support this worthwhile event that also needs a cure!!  I will receive chemo on the Wednesday before the event but even if I am as slow as a turtle, I will walk and finish this walk!
God Bless America and everyone on this 4th of July!!

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