Thursday, July 7, 2011

A visit with Dr. Goswami

Today was my dr. visit with Dr. Goswami in Effingham (the heart specialist from Prairie Cardiovascular Health Institute). I had an echo cardiogram to make sure the chemo had not damaged my heart (doesn't happen alot but he wants to keep an eye on me). He just could not believe the difference from day 1 when he saw me all swelled in the face/neck area. He again...didn't recognize me because I looked 150% better than the first day we met. He also...again....took my picture to show his colleagues the difference from day 1 to today.
The man who did the echo stated he would love to trade hearts with me (I guess all that bike riding/walking has atleast gave me a heart of steel) as he just had heart surgery 3 months ago.....I told him I would trade him hearts if he traded me livers and that I guaranteed I would live longer with his heart than he would with my liver!!! 
Dr. Goswami reassured us (Pat, Jennifer, and I) that there should not be a problem again with blood clots since I am on the blood thinner.
 While I was in Springfield for 8 days, I was reaquainted with an old schoolmate from high school who is now a Physician's Assistant or Nurse Practioner (can't remember which) and she was
 on the same floor at St. Johns that I was on. Her name was Donita Polk Schrey (who married Mike Schrey). She graciously let Jenn spend the night at her house one night instead of the couch at St John's. Donita and Jenn talked and Jenn found out Dr. Goswami loved the Dallas Jenn ordered him a hooded sweatshirt (from all the girls) as a small "Thank You" for saving their moms life. He loved it when we gave it to him today! If all doctors had the bedside manor of Dr. Goswami, there would be alot less people who put off going to the dr.
I want to give a big shout out loud THANK YOU to Donita for checking in on me everyday...sometimes several times a day and gave us her home number so if we needed anything we could call her.
It has been a good week so far and I have worked everyday (only two hours today due to dr. appt).  Chemo on Wednesday and we will see how hard it hits me this time. Amy, Samantha, and I have upped our miles to 3 miles per day......I just pray God gives me the strength to keep walking as the chemo gets more saturated throughout my body in the weeks/months to come. My Tarceva rash is just starting to "bloom" on my face but I do think the meds MD Anderson gave me are working better than the Effingham oncologist gave me.
Healing of the body is promised in both testaments of the holy I will pray extra hard for not only more healing, but also thanks to the Lord for healing me and having a good report today with Dr. Goswami. I have a long way to go but all is stable at this point and I will take that any day!
 Hugs & Prayers,

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