Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Everything Is Clear"

"Everything is clear" were the first words Dr. Goswami said after surgery when he walked into the consult room. Even the clot that was in Mom's right arm two days ago was gone when Dr. Goswami went in today. There is one small clot in her chest with about 30% blockage, but he thinks it will be gone in the next couple days. And just to be clear: besides the small blockage in her chest, every, single clot (including residual clots from the balloon) is gone. Dr. Goswami did have to run the catheter through her right femoral artery, because the vein in her arm was too small for the catheter. But I think two sore legs are better than two sore legs and a sore arm.

As far as we know, Mom will be discharged tomorrow morning. If Dr. Goswami still doesn't want her to travel for a few weeks, she will probably have a Pet Scan performed here in Springfield tomorrow. The Pet Scan will allow Dr. Dy and Dr. Javle to assess the cancer and determine if mom needs to continue with the same treatment regimen or if it should be changed. Hopefully, she can travel and we will be headed to MD Anderson very soon.

We will keep you posted, though depending on what time Mom gets home tomorrow, she may or may not post.

Today was a day of fantastic news. Please pray that the results of the Pet Scan yield good news, as well. Mom needs all the good news she can get.

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