Friday, June 17, 2011

Going Home Again

Dr. Goswami came in this morning around 9:30 to discharge Mom. She has some swelling in her feet. He thinks its probably caused by sitting and lying down for eight days or the tumor compressing her inferior vena cava. At this point, he isn't concerned about it. The clots probably won't be an issue again since the port is out and Mom's on Lovenox. She will be on the Lovenox for at least a month. She will see Dr. Goswami again in Effingham in early July. He's still waiting to hear from Dr. McLafferty, but if we have to come back to Springfield to meet with him, we'll do it. Mom's been fully released on all activities, just no heavy lifting for a week or so.  Her hemoglobin is steady at 8.8, so she won't receive any more blood while we're here.

And the BIG news....  drumroll please.....
Mom's been released to travel to MD Anderson next week!!!!!!!!!
She will keep the appointment that was set in April, and we will probably leave for Houston on Monday!! WOOOO HOOOOO WE'RE HOUSTON BOUND!

 Thank you so much for all of the prayers and thoughts so far. Mom is incredibly happy with the care Dr. Goswami provided and that she's headed home today. Please keep praying that the good news continues and that the cancer hasn't spread.

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