Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well.....I have to say we flew on the smallest plane I have ever been on PLUS there was bad weather we had to fly around so there was some turbulance on top of that. It made our flight about 20 minutes longer also.  We are staying at the Jesse Jones Rotary House which is right across from MD Anderson so it will be sooo handy on  Wednesday and Thursday. They also have a wonderful restuarant here with buffet at night.
Tomorrow, I start at 9 am with bloodwork, then a PET scan which lasts appr. 4 hours or so. Then I am done until Thursday morning when I see Dr Javle at 9:30. He will have the results of the PET scan (I hope) and please pray with me that it is good news. I might see a genetic counselor to see if my cancer is somehow inherited from all the men on my fathers side who have had prostate cancer. It will be good for my sisters/brothers to know PLUS my girls if it does happen to be inherited.
When I was at St. John's in Springfield last week, I prayed to the Lord to draw me closer to Him and make my faith even stronger. I have faith that the Lord is right here with me in this battle but when do you know you have ENOUGH faith in the Lord? Does that make sense?
I know I feel like a totally different person than before this cancer battle began so I do thank the Lord for that. I shutter at the times I have "spat" at co-workers or judged them when it was not my place. I have asked God for forgiveness and I also apologize if you were one of those co workers. I have read in the Bible that this is a very bad habit to have so I feel I have worked alot on this mentally and when I go back to work, I hope I shock people with how kind and gentle I now feel inside.....I know it is due to the inner peace I have with God now.
Tomorrow and Thursday are very big days for me. When I was at St. John's, I said the Lord's Prayer all the way to each surgery I had up there (4 total). I said it several times a day in my room. I said it on the airplane all the way here.....and I will say it atleast 50 times while here at MD Anderson......that doesn't include praying about other people with cancer, life in general, and prayers for my daughters. I ask all of you to say the Lord's Prayer both days and also pray for good news with my cancer tests. I seem to be rambling....you can tell Jenn and Amy have been doing my blog since I was at St. John's!! Peace and love to all of you!!

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