Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday update.....

 Well......went for chemo but received no chemo. Dr. Dy was still too worried with my swelling in face/neck region. The CAT scan from last week showed a blood clot (well.....actually there were numerous blood clots on my chest/neck area) in the Supra Vena Cava. Dr. Dy thought the levonox. ( a blood thinner) would dissolve all the clots and I would get my chemo this week.
Dr. Dy was very conerned with my swelling this week so he called Prairie Heart Institue in Springfield and they want me there tomorrow for surgery. They will go in through the right femoral artery....inject some pretty medicine to dissolve the clot....and hopefully suck out all the clot as this happens.I will have complete bed rest 4-6 hours afterwards at the hospital there which is procedure for this type of surgery.
Before I get anymore chemo after the dust has settled from this surgery, Dr. Dy wants me to  go back down to Houston to MD Anderson for an update with my dr down there. He is hoping the cancer has not spread anywhere ut my cancer marker went from like 246 to 465 so it doesn't sound like good news. It COULD be all the blood clots/stress on my body right now....or atleast that is what I am telling myself.
You know....this one has me over a log as far as to what to think. I thought I was dealing with cancer and then we have blood clots in the heart area.
Here are the things I am SURE of:
God is still right here beside me.
I am not afraid one bit as I trust in the Lord.
God has a plan for me.....whether it be here on earth, or in Heaven, I will be happy.
Prayer has been my best source of "therapy" and I will continue to pray for God's healing.
ALL of you know the power of prayer so please pray one zillion times a day for me.

Amy or someone will post on here tomorrow so just check later in the afternoon for an update.

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  1. My prayers are always with you! I LOVE YOU PATTY!!!!