Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday evening

Sunday was a most good day. Took a shower and went to visit will Bill & Deb Weiler.  Got home about 6 and Pat grilled some burgers. Since I haven't had chemo for 3 weeks, I even felt good enough to open a can of beans and a carton of cottage cheese.  I decided if I felt good enough to visit friends it was time to go back to work. So....Monday morning, although still a little swelling present, I went to work. I also plan on working tomorrow. Wednesday, back to Effingham and see what Dr. Dy has to say. I think I still have alot of clots to dissolve but feel it will just take time to happen. I received two new books this weekend. OR should I say I received THE BOOK (Life Application Study Bible) for Mother's Day. Rylan (my son in law) has this book and it really explains the Bible in detail where I understand it better. Debbie Weiler also loaned me The Shack so I have plenty to read right now at home.....not on my desk at work.
Pat and I walked down the lane tonight to get the mail/paper. That is probably the farthest I have walked in quite a while. I did ok until the hill and it winded be a bit. It felt good to do it and my goal is to start doing it daily.
Anyone going to Dairy Dee and want someone to go along, call me...if I am up to it, I will go gladly. My goal is to get a little more acive...little by little as I feel up to it. BUT....if I get chemo Wednesday....who knows how it will affect me. Still call...and call again!
Update you Wednesday if I get chemo or atleast an update from the dr.

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