Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday evening....Sunday morning

Pat and I got cleaned up for mass (first time I had curled my hair since the Wednesday prior). Fr. Jerry had a superb homily and I thank him for that! Then to El Rancheritos for supper before stopping at my sister Sarah's for a short visit. Then we were bad and stopped at Chili Willies for ice cream. It was like 8:30 when we got home and I am usually in bed by then through the weekdays. I had texted my daughters and one of them actually called me to see if I was feeling ok since I was still up.
Sunday morning is here. Woke up to some sweliing but it usually fades mostly throughout the day. I am sure the blood thinner is still doing it's job of thinning out my blood (platelets that are sticking together). I pray for a good Sunday, healing in my body, positive thoughts, positive prayer, and a good week ahead.

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