Saturday, June 4, 2011

The bump is almost gone....

 Friday I felt at about 70 % back to normal. Thanks to the good Lord, I am slowly gaining my strength back. The swelling in my neck is going down daily to where it is hardly noticable. I might even get brave and go to church tonight.  My daily devotional book (on Wednesday) states there is darkness before the dawn of light. God is showing my the light and each day I feel myself grow from His word (by strength and faith).
Friday, I showered, and Amy and Debbie Weiler picked me up to go see my sister~ in ~law in Lawrenceville (basically to get me of the house). I was pooped when I got back home but definately glad I went.
Saturday, Samantha and Bobbie Jo showed up Saturday morning to clean up some more landscaping/and mulch some places, too. It looks sooo much better but it also saddens my heart that I cannot physically do it myself. If I lean over for more than about 30 seconds, I feel like my eyes might pop out. I think it is from the blood still trying to thin itself out . I did blow the leaves off the deck and straighten it up a bit.

I pray for strength, healing, faith and the power of prayer as I enter a new week in the next few days. I thank God as  He continues to heal my body so  I may recieve chemo this week and get back on my schedule before going to Houston mid month. I give thanks to my family who is always there to care for me or make sure I have meals to replenish my body.  I thank all friends who have brought meals/called/or stopped by to see me. This journey would be a very lonely walk without you, my family, and God beside me all the way!  

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