Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Bump in the Road.....

I went for chemo yesterday(but it was postponed until next week) but still had swelling in face/neck/upper back area. Dr. Dy ordered a CAT scan to see what was going on under my skin (infection maybe). He put me on Lasix and said he would call later with results of the scan. He called about 2 and said we had a problem that needed dealt with right then!
My chest and neck were filled with tiny blood clots that needed to be dissolved asap. Pat and I went to get the RX (blood thinner) and on the Weber Medical Clinic to be shown how to give myself injectios twice a day into my stomach. The nurse gave me the shot yesterday at the clinic but I did it just fine this am. The med is making me feel a little "off" but hopefully it is doing it's job. I still woke up with a swelled face/neck area which is usually the case every morning and it goes down some throughout the day. The dr said I should see some relief by Friday so please pray continually that the blood clots dissolve totally and I start to feel alot better SOON.
My mom has started a prayer chain to pray every day at 11 for me to be healed. Please join her and pass the word along.

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